Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Chatty sometimes has a real variety of information as an entry. This will be a little like that.

Do you have a problem with some words, I mean spelling them? Alzheimer's whips me every time and I have to use spellcheck.

Shirl when she was little

(Shirl wishes this was she)

I wish I had paid more attention in English classes, I still have a terrible time with:


My sweet wife will say, it is so simple, it is  like this   …Never use have with saw, you “have seen”… you never “Have saw”  etc……….(she just told me this again). She tells me how, then I forget.  Bonnie kept me straight as she proofed ‘Finally Love’.

sumptingwrong - Copy

(The imposter)

That reminds me, I feel I am a book behind, when actually I have two in the oven and cannot seem to hatch either one.  One is a book on full time RV’ing, that is our life style.  The other is a family book which is almost finished and I cannot get it  organized.

What I want to write is a sequel to ‘Finally Love’. I really enjoyed writing that book and have had some very good comments on it.  It has sold more copies than any of my books so far. To be honest, having them as e-books at 99¢ has helped a bundle.  I said I would do the 99¢ for a couple months, but it has been so much fun seeing them sold I just keep putting it off.

TerrificMA28841717-0001 - Copy

I was laughing the other day, I noticed that when sold in Europe I make a penny a book. Surprised smile But as the real Jack Darnell (another writer) up on Coker Creek says, “I’d write if no one read them.”Winking smile

That reminds me, Jack lives across the mountain from Fred’s family. We will go by to see Frances on our way North. Fred passed a few weeks ago. We hooked up again after over 50 years and made some plans. He started Blogging and  he fell in love with some of the bloggers here. He became a regular, until he got too sick. I miss Fred. Strange how that happens.


I read a quote from Minnie Pearl once where she said, “If you want to make God smile, tell him your plans.”

We will all continue to make plans, as we should, but always understand, everything is ‘subject to change’.

I have a couple blogs I just look in on and never comment. Do you ever just ‘lurk’.  I accuse Sherry of that. She reads most everyone’s blog here and never comments. She lets me do it.  LOLTerrificMA28841717-0005

Well I started this entry to say nothing, and I have accomplished that. LOL

Nite Shipslog


If you are lurking, read the comments and go to those blogs, some are VERY cool, others are good.Winking smile



All I know is it is a Chrysler product, but I would like to have it.



I LOVE all the pictures you used today. They are too cute. I know putting together a book takes a long time. I'm still working on mine too. But at least you have quite a few under your belt that are complete. I used to lurk when you all were on aol. But joined in the fun when you all came to blogger.

Paula said...

You are lucky you have Sherry to keep you straight on your grammar etc. Wish I had someone to do that. I had the same English teacher for three years in high school and she didn't teach. She talked to the boys and the girls read novels. I can thank her for appreciating reading books like Gone With The Wind though.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh yes, I make plans all the time and the good Lord has a way of changing them too. He knows better than me so I just keep chugging along. It's been raining off and on and feels like a summer day today. Rain is better when it's warmer out...I can still sit on the porch.

betty said...

There are a few blogs I lurk on without commenting. Not sure why I don't comment on them though. So true about God laughing at our plans :)

Sorry about the passing of Fred. It is hard to lose good friends.

You seem like you have a lot on your burner, so to speak, Jack, with the books. I bet the RV one could be a good one for those that want to start doing something similar to what you and Sherry decided to do.


Chatty Crone said...

We'll let Sherry lurk. That's okay. And I would love to read the sequel to your book Finally Love. And where was Sherry when were we diagramming sentences????

Mevely317 said...

I could sure use a Sherry these days when stumped for the difference between, say 'lay' and 'lie.' Heck, I usually just change the whole sentence so neither one becomes necessary! :)
Recently I was thrilled to see an article which spelled out the difference between i.e. and e.g. in terms I could finally understand!

Yes, I love that quote about causing God to smile. Gives a whole new slant to "Thy will be done", doesn't it? Being a compulsive planner, that's a hard one to swallow.

Lurk? Guilty as charged. But since time's at a premium these days, I've really narrowed down my blog stops. Plus, I really, REALLY don't want to leave a comment that's obviously insincere, ya know?

PS: That's sweet about Sherry reading our thoughts. "Hi, Sherry ... good night now!"