Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ever lose a comment?



I comment on several blogs regularly .  There have been times I thought I commented and Sherry will say as she is reading your blogs, “I’m surprised you did not comment on Jimmy, Paula’s or one of my regulars blogs.” 

I reply, “Of course I did!”  Then I go back and sure enough as always, SHERRY is right.

You see, Sherry does not comment but usually reads your blogs and the comments. I believe in internet talk she is a ‘lurker’.


(duck sitter)

I do not know when Blogger started adding the popup: “Do you want to leave this page?” when I make a comment but do not publish it, but I am sure glad they did.  Last night on two occasions I got the message and went back to publish the comment.


I had a bright idea of making a copy of that message and posting it. So I just went back to my ‘dashboard’ and clicked on several of  your journals, I faked a comment and left, and I did not get a warning of any kind.  So there must be times it will not remind me I have not published.  But I am still glad it has warned me on several occasions.


(I claim them)

There are many technical changes that I do not like, but that is one I like and understand, as soon as I see it.

Personal notes:

Since being in our home port, here in North Carolina, we have been very busy. I forget to publish my daily entry until late. I have done some improvements to the Car and motorhome ports. helped some of the seniors with minor problems soon I will start a chain-link fence. I have never done that before.  The grand dogs need a fence to run loose in.


(We can be friends when I am not hungry!)

During this time Sherry’s HS grad class is planning a reunion, and she is scheduling a lot of dinners and ‘get togethers’ to keep our social calendar taken care of.  She misses her class mates and friends on the road and likes to get her fill while we are in. We High School drop-outs don’t have to worry about those reunions. Winking smile


(Every cat loves its mama! Even Human cats)

But we do try to catch up with family and friends while we are in for a couple months.  But it does seem harder and harder to fit everything into such a short window.

Nite Shipslog


Work is one of my best friends.



Sky Lark Buick? the wrap around windshield tells me it must be a 1955.


Yaya Snaps said...

love the collie with the baby ducks :)


Blogger has been doing some funny things lately. I noticed the thing you mentioned. I have also had trouble accessing people's blogs when I click on their link from my dashboard. Technology can be a pain for sure. But hey what would we do without it.

shirl72 said...

My computer is doing it's own thing.
I don't read that many blogs.
When my computer made a change
it wiped all my bloggers information
out. I Like the dog taking care of the rabbits. You think you are
confused..join the group.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've seen that warning and appreciate it too. I've also left double comments. Sometimes I think it hasn't gone through and punch the button twice. It seems it was just slow loading. I muddle through somehow and keep on blogging. Glad Sherry can be there for the reunion. It's been beautiful here with mid 70's and a nice breeze. Perfect weather for the end of May.

betty said...

I think its a corgi with the ducks, not a collie (dead give away, no tail :)

Its a cute picture and I copied it.

I did have trouble leaving comments on a few blogs where people would get notice that I had left a comment, but the comment wouldn't show up on their blogs. Yours was one of them for a bit, now the comment shows up, but you don't get an email notice about it. So weird. When it happened before, I would go it through Google Chrome and have no problem leaving a comment that stuck around instead of reading through AOL.

It is good for the reunion, an exciting time for Sherry indeed!


Mevely317 said...

Now I'm confused!
I've not experienced the challenges you and other mention; at least I don't think so.

Funny how you've spoiled me, Jack. Call me insecure, but when I don't hear from my few 'regular' commenters I, (a) Worry that something bad as happened to you ... should I be calling the hospitals?; or (b) I've written something that offended you. Never got around to thinking of a (c)!

Wishing you both a beautiful Sunday. It's 108-degrees here, so I'll be found INSIDE, under the a/c vent.

Mevely317 said...

Note to self: Proof my comments for grammatical errors before hitting 'publish.'
I'm honestly NOT as ignorant as some of my sentences make me out to be! LOL.

Chatty Crone said...

I agree - some times my comments are there - sometimes I guess don't show up - and some times I double comment - and I hit to fast for spell check. I love blogger - not!

Paula said...

The thing I've noticed on my comment part it will say one or two comments. When I click on it I actually have several. I do appreciate all my commenters who put up with my sometime silly subjects. It really is an interesting pastime with each blog having it's own personality.