Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bizzy, bizzy here at our homeport..

Since visiting Minnie at Disney World our Mark’s grand daughter Stella has fallen more in love with the Disney characters, so I have completed 4. Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy.  Here they are in her little red wagon out in the storage shed.

Hot water and minnie 001

They are about 2 feet tall.  I am not very original, but I copy pretty well.Winking smileStella helped me, she painted Mickey’s shoes and left glove.

Last evening I made some stands for them so she can have mickey standing beside Minnie at an angle as they talk. the Same with Donald and Daisy. Here they are deep in conversation..


(I made them so they can be moved, Donald can be talking to Mickey, etc.)

I hear that Stella will be moving next door  to our motorhome port when her grandpa moves out and heads for Florida. Anyway that is what I hear (and I sometimes get things mixed up).


Now that is out of the way, we withdraw money from the ATM.  I am always polite and talk to the person IN the ATM. They deliver the money in $20 bills.  I know it is not necessary, but all the bills are not turned the same. Growing up I would always get cash from a bank with all the bills turned the same.

I was taught to keep my bills turned the same and all denominations together, do you do that?


This new technology is amazing to me, okay, I know it is not NEW, but in relation to my age it is. I do like the convenience of the ATM, especially if one is ‘hearing impaired’ the only person you have to talk to is the little person inside the machine and most of the time they just type on the screen,  and I will give them a break, I bet it is hard to keep the bills straight as fast as they count them.


It is sorta like Shirl and I were talking the other day, we are still used to using capitol letters and punctuation, many folk do not use those. Also I am noticing people are dropping the comma between the city and state.

Thanks for reading this drivel and for coming to the Shipslog.

Nite Shipslog


Since losing my hearing,  life is difficult at times. I am a little tired of being told: ‘Sometimes it is a good not to hear some things.’ ………REALLY?





Mevely317 said...

May I come play 'Disney' with Stella? :)
Honestly Jack, your creations are so inviting!

I've a love/hate affair with the ATM's myself. Mostly, on account ours only offer $20's. Many a time I've detoured by a Walgreens or 7/11 to buy something/anything which requires getting change back in 5's and the coveted 1's for 'tip' money.

Unknown said...

Very clever with the Disney characters. That was a very nice thing to do for a little girl.

Paula said...

That little girl is going to love those. You do good work. I try to keep my money straight and I'm trying to train (LOL) John too since he can't see well. Sometime he thinks he gave a clerk one bill and the clerk says otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Disney characters looks awesome!

betty said...

Those Disney characters are adorable, Jack. I wouldn't mind playing with them myself. I know Stella is enjoying them!

I do remember when money came out all turned the same way; I'm not sure how it comes out these days; I usually don't do the bank business these days.

My husband does keep all the same denominations together and he keeps the 20's in the middle, then working down to one's so if someone sees his "wad" of cash, they see one's and not 20's, make sense?

I rarely carry cash, LOL, using the debit card more :)



LOVE the Disney characters. They are so sweet. I love the convenience of the ATM's but I wish it would give change with 10's and 5's too.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like those Disney figures you created. Several of my grands would love them too. Your Stella must love them. Mickey Mouse is a favorite of many. I always say my children and grandchildren keep me motivated to do things and I guess yours does too. There is lots I wouldn't do if it weren't for them. The rain has stopped and we're headed toward a beautiful Memorial Day weekend here and it'll be a busy one for sure !

Sheila Y said...

I hadn't really thought about it, but I do turn the money the same way and in order by denomination. I guess it is just habit...ha. Love from up the road, Sheila

Chatty Crone said...

I apologize for writing so late.

I love those Micky Mouse characters and I know your grand daughter will love them.