Friday, May 2, 2014

Back in the states, time with our extended families.


Sherry’s dad and my mom were still alive, and we got a chance to spend time with them. visit our brothers and sisters and just kick back, no real obligations for ten days.

Before leaving for Cuba 3 1/2 years previous, we had given my dad our newer ‘68 Chevy. Since Mama did not drive she insisted Sherry and I take the car back, so we did and did not spend our money on the ‘New Monte Carlo’ I had wanted to buy.


(Our speed limits were changed)

So far in life Sherry and I had not accumulated any furniture. So, with our saved wealth we drove to Lenoir, NC and started shopping in the furniture stores. We found out that they would hold the furniture until we had a house in Albany and they would deliver it.


(Now after about 4 years, speeding up is tough!)

We were sorta like kids in a candy store. We bought a beautiful dining room suit, a living room suite and THREE MASTER BEDROOM SUITES. The BR suits were the foolish things. We were not thinking of the small rooms in government housing. A couple of the places we lived we barely could get the furniture in the boys rooms, and them have room to move around. Surprised smile.

We also bought a TV with REMOTE control (WOW). Sherry had always wanted the boys to play music, so we bought a piano too.


We have always been frugal with money but when we got to Albany (Pronounced All’ beeny) we learned the base was due to be closed and we would be moving to Key West, FL. But we still bought the boys motorcycles to race, we bought us a travel trailer to live in until we got housing, and bought 5 acres of land (Knowing we would not be here but a few months, that one seemed stupid).

Hint, we did not even know Plains, GA existed, but it was only a few miles from Albany.


We were still having a great time. After reporting in. It wasn’t long until we were assigned Gov’t Quarters, I started teaching and the boys entered the moto-cross competition. Sherry did not look for a job knowing we would be leaving in a few months.

So we are settling back into the fast lane in mainland USA. Where you can drive 65mph some places.

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Paula asked what Sherry fixed for that Thanksgiving meal I messed up in GITMO. She had a big ham and actually saved some of the turkey, soaked in gravy.



1957 automobiles…..


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What an adjust that must have been. Slow lane to the fast lane for sure. I used to be in the fast lane, with work and all but now am enjoying living in the slow lane...What and adventure you two have had!

Mevely317 said...

What fun the two of you must have had, getting to purchase those rooms of furniture ... and motorcycles, too! Jackie and Mark must've been the first kids to have bragging rights for the 'cool' parents -- before that term even came into vogue.

... Then again, I'm thinking you two are still pretty darn 'cool'!

Paula said...

A question on one of the games shows yesterday was If you had guest coming and you burned the roast what would you do? one answer was cover it with gravy. I thought of Sherry knowing she would come up with a solution.

shirl72 said...

Having fun in the fast lane..
You bought the best furniture going
to Lenoir. Having fun is the name of the game. What wonderful experience you both have had and
able to write about your adventures.

betty said...

I think we all have purchases we made not thinking them through, but I bet it was fun to shop for the furniture that you got. Your moving back to the States and getting used to life in the fast line was like us moving from Montana back to Southern California. Though of course they drive fast, they tend to stop and smell the roses, not here; always on the go, go, go :)



Moving all the time has to be an adjustment for a family. But you make it sound like so much fun.

Annesphamily said...

Your stories make me smile, laugh and cry! You write wonderfully. I am hoping to preserve my blog by putting it into a book. My friend at Miss Edna's Place does this and says it is a legacy to those she will leave behind. Your stories fill my heart with happiness. I have not known too many to share their stories of the days spent in military service. I sure do enjoy them. Have a terrific weekend.