Monday, May 19, 2014

What? Retired and still Short of time?

I am normally not on the spot for a blog entry, but lately I have been busy. As a Handyman, and also cheap, I do most of our required and ‘I want’ tasks myself.  This week it has been preparing for a driveway repair (culvert pipe replacement). The culvert is at Shirl’s house and she has done most of the leg work.  I have also been busy installing a hot water heater.



(storage building at  our homeport)

When we set up this last house as our home base. We installed a Motor home port and carport. Then  we combined a storage shed with an additional 280 sqft of storage area.  I decided then to run water and electric to it and install a normal size washer and dryer.  I did not add the hot water.  I felt it was time so I  have rewired and installed a hot water heater.


(from 2012 when the storage was built)

Since all my projects seem to grow, it is now laid out for later additions of shower, commode, vanity, closet and kitchenette.  That is enough for Sherry and I to retire in, if necessary.  We can live in 280 sqft and our care givers can live in the 1600 sq ft house here on the property..

Hot water heater 004

(I installed the water heater under the drafting table, Sure, you know I keep the drafting table, I might build again Hot smile)

Hot water heater 006

(The black pipe lead into the storage room where the drafting table is.)

Before I forget, Bonnie, who did a wonderful job of proofing my last book has decided to enter the blogging world.  I think you will find something of interest there, She resides at :

It is good to see someone blogging when many folk are headed for FB.  Good luck Bonnie.

In closing this entry, I must show this rose, given to Sherry by Don and Evelyn from their rose garden, it was like velvet and very beautiful. 

Hot water heater 001

Thanks for reading this scattered entry. I am one whipped puppy.  Sooooooo

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I really do love to work. I have enjoyed the installation of the HW heater, except, it was under the drafting table and it is honestly getting hard to get up and down.  I cannot believe I am 75!


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Cars of 1939, the year I was born.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Hey....glutens are wheats and/or wheat products..soooo anything made with wheat or whole wheat is out...!!
Did you know they make a brown rice pasta? and i've found a brown rice frozen waffle....yummmmmmy...LOL
Enjoy, Linda

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are so blessed to do as much as you do. I'm not as fit as you are but still can do what I need to only it takes me much longer. I had to get my hot water tank replaced as the old one started leaking, it was 20 years old. The cost was $650. You save a lot being able to do your own work. Your storage shed is becoming much more than just for storage. Sounds like you'll be busy there for quite awhile. Nice too you can plan ahead and do the work while you can. I been so busy since I retired that I never get to do all I want in a days time.

DD said...

Still a good entry even though you said it is scattered and written by a whipped puppy. Well, you sound like us. I have not put it in print, but my family, us included, is dealing with storm damage. Not my home house, thank the Lord, but rentals, etc.

Sheila Y said...

I'm glad Shirl has got a project to help keep you busy! ;-) Try not to get into any wasps or bees. Take care, Sheila

Unknown said...

I admire anyone who can do handyman work. Good job!

Love the rose.

Thanks for the blog recommendation.

bonnie k.

Jean said...

I miss my husband doing all the handy work around here. He still thinks he can, but we both know better. I planted him some water melons this morning he ask me to plant 4 hills, I planted 7 now we will make enough to sell some. Ha. Take care and don't get to hot out in this heat. Jean

Paula said...

Good that you are thinking ahead that there may be caregivers in your future. John and I are facing that every day. It's so wonderful you can still do that work.

betty said...

That rose is beautiful and looks so big! I bet it did smell wonderful. It is good to still be active and to use the muscles, even if they get a bit sore :)

I like your idea of you and Sherry living in the small under 300 square feet and having your care givers live in the 1600 square feet house. It makes sense!


shirl72 said...

I am so tired. I walk the long
distance of the driveway about 5 times to check on Darby. Neighbors stopped I talked to them so Darby could stay busy. I think it will be
ready to drive on maybe late
Wednesday. This has been a busy
2 weeks.


That is a lot of work you have mapped out for yourself. I'm sure it will be quite a task completing. My hubby turns 75 in September and he can't believe it either.