Monday, May 5, 2014


Anyone that has spent any time in key West knows a person born in Key West is a Conch. A name they are very possessive and proud of.


Our time in Key West was also some good Family time.  We did spend a lot of time on our boat, and brought in some great seafood. Sherry caught the largest fish, a 20 lb Grouper. She was pulling in a small Snapper when the huge Grouper hit it.

Mark caught a large Longusta (Florida Lobster). We all got a bite of it. We agreed as a family, that the Longusta was as good as the Maine Lobsta.  But our favorite saltwater fish was the Snapper.

(Maine Lobster on the left, Florida Lobster on right. The Florida has no claws)

We picnicked on the smaller keys, snorkeled in the tropical waters. The ‘continental Shelf is about 12 miles out where the depth goes from 20 feet to over a hundred feet of BEAUTY! While snorkeling you see the bottom just as clear as day.  As in Cuba, we could float, looking thru the face mask and breathing thru the snorkel, and enjoy the absolute unchallenged beauty of the tropical sea life and coral formations.



Sherry worked for NAS AWP (Awaiting Parts section) of Aviation Supply. After awhile she and a couple ladies car pooled. Once settled our school was not far from where she worked, but our hours were different.


(These colors are no exaggeration. thousands of these)


We did not get into sports activities except with the boys. Mark was in little league football and Sherry was the Team Mom. The boys did not race Moto Cross anymore, we were into boats and fishing.

One day while the boys were at school and Sherry and I were off, we took the boat out for a picnic on Christmas Tree island. Just off the shore of Mallory Square.

scanoldpic1 016 - Copy

(Our boat, a Cuddy cabin with a Chrysler engine)

We beached the boat and set up our picnic lunch. As we were eating, about 25yards up the beach a nekkid man walked out of the bushes and went swimming. We kept on eating. In a couple minutes another nekkid man came out and went swimming.

I had had enough, “If a nekkid woman doesn’t come out of there in a few minutes, we are leaving,” I declared.

As if on cue this nekkid lady walked out and went swimming with the guys. Then it was my Sherry’s time, “We are out of here, put this stuff on the boat!”

Thanks for coming along.

Nite Shipslog


There are facts in life, but what is good for the goose ain’t always good for the gander!Smile


scanoldpic7 042 - Copy

I also found this ‘55 Chevy for $50 in Key West! The car had no heater and had never been off the Keys. Mark and his Mama on the trunk of my treasure!


BlueRidge Boomer said... found the secret nudist colony only us native Floridians know about.....

shirl72 said...

Interesting story about the nekkid
lady. You were probably close
to a nudist colony..Hear they are
many in Fl. Dee found out her Dad
was a member..Funny....I can't figure who wants to show everything to the world. Have Mercy...

Paula said...

You really do love the water. The fish look so pretty but I don't think snorkeling would be for me. I've never been near the water that much. My limit is good hot bubble baths.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It all looks wonderful and it sounds like you all enjoyed your time there. I can't imagine a car without a heater. Here you have to have them if you want to travel in the winter. There I suppose they wouldn't get used at all.

Sheila Y said...

The nekkid men must not have looked as good as the nekkid woman...why else would Sherry want to leave. ;D jk Sherry. Haha. Take care, Sheila


Funny about the naked folks. Good thing you hightailed it outta of there or goodness knows what you would have saw.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Great post! I like Florida lobster (crawfush) bettter than Maine lobster, hands down. I agree that snapper, including yellowtail, is the best and sweetest fish in the ocean.

Funny story about the "Nekkid" people. I agree, there should be at least one woman in the crowd. Evidently, Sherry didn't agree...


Woody said...

I love the Keys, wish I was there now, we rode up country, still lots of snow banks and snow drifts where the sun does not shine, warm weather can not be too far off !!! Sending Love and well wishes from the soon to be warm North Country.
Gary & Anna Mae

betty said...

LOL with leaving quickly your picnic site. That was a mighty fine boat you had; good that you guys put it to use and enjoyed it while you were a Conch.


Chatty Crone said...

Nudest colonies and catching your own seafood - life is good.

Annesphamily said...

Nice stories and hearing about delicious seafood makes me want some!