Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I will admit shopping is one of my least enjoyable chores. When I read 10 yrs ago that the trend to internet shopping was growing, this wise man said, NO WAY!  Well I have become a believer because I have found I do not mind shopping at all, when it is on the internet.


(A few more ‘3’s’)

I am bringing this subject up because I saw a truck the other day with the following sign painted on its side: “Order on the net and we deliver groceries to your door.”

I am not going to say I will never do that because I have modified my beliefs and attitudes many times in the past few years.


My latest shopping spree was for three motor home tires. The delivery fee was $50 a tire from California.  BUT buying them locally would be from $600 to $700 a tire. We bought 3 for about $800 and paid $145 for a man to come to our house and mount them. If you do the math that is $315 per tire delivered and mounted at our homeport. Around 1/2 price.

I have bought car parts, parts for the washer and dryer, books, camera, camping gear, cars and the craziest, a house. So far I have not been disappointed or felt cheated.


The house was sort of a stupid buy, but it has worked out well. I know full well pictures do not tell the whole story and I tried to allow for that, but not enough. Surprised smile

I do have one separate card that I use for the internet, and so far that has worked well. We use cards fairly often but never accumulate a balance that goes over to the next month, the file is paid off monthly. I am not a fan of interest, unless we are earning it.Winking smile

Do you buy over the internet? 

When I was a kid, Grocery stores would deliver to your home and put it on your bill to be paid weekly or bi-weekly according to your paydays.


Would you  buy your groceries over the net?

Nite Shipslog


Life seems to be one BIG shopping spree.



We attended the funeral of a good friend Janie Lingerfelt today. When we left the church this is what she was headed to the cemetery in. this is a 1949 Packard hearse.  She rode in Class for her  last trip on earth, as we are to day


shirl72 said...

You know I shop like I am on a mission from GOD.

WOW That is a beautiful 1949 Packard Hearse. You will have to e-mail that picture to the Packard guy in Ca.

Unknown said...

Yes, I have purchased some groceries from my favorite box store (as they call it) on the internet. I was a little leery about buying oatmeal because many of the reviews claimed it spilled in shipping.
I think I bought canned salmon, wild rice blend, vaccuum cleaner bags and vaccuum cleaner filter and maybe bath tissue--basically things I thought that could survive the shipping. Shipping was free for orders over $50 at that time, so I saved gas money.

The three raccoons are cute.

Condolences on the passing of your friend.

bonnie k.

betty said...

So sorry about the loss of your friend, but that was a mighty fine final ride vehicle!

Yes, I do buy on the internet, mainly books, sometimes clothes through eBay, Christmas gifts at times. I am not a shopper so I think I would buy food over the internet from our local grocery store because I would be familiar with what they had when I ordered this or that. Heck, we bought Koda over the internet and look at the great deal we got with him :)


Mevely317 said...

How ironic ... I've an upcoming post 'brewing' regarding shopping!

Aside from items of clothing, I'm a huge fan of shopping in my pj's! Heck, I don't (much) mind those shipping/handling fees if it saves me from having to jockey for available parking or deal with crowds. Tom, on the other hand, loves scouting bargains at the grocers. Good thing, eh?

It sounds like you've become quite the savvy on-line shopper; what a great deal on those tires!

Paula said...

Only have shopped online a few times. I kinda like to see what I'm buying. We have a funeral Monday too. My brother-in-law was found dead by his garden yesterday. He was retired from the San Antonio Police Dept.


I LOVE to shop. I like going out to the stores, but also like Amazon.com, online.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sorry to hear of the death of your friend. You have my sincerest sympathies. Glad you could find those tires for such a good price. It does pay to shop around.

Sheila Y said...

Sorry about the passing of your friend. That was a nice final ride. Yes, I am an internet shopper. You can order online at the grocery store here and they will get it ready and have an area for you to drive up and pick it up. I haven't tried it yet though. Take care, Sheila

Lucy said...

I have occasionally shopped on line but nothing big and no groceries.I bought a set of sheets long ago and could have cheerfully wrapped them around someones neck. I hated them. I ordered the same size I always did and still if forced into using them struggle to get them on. They were like that before I ever washed them. I don't even return things here I don't like.