Friday, May 9, 2014

Continuing the Nutshell

Ending was harder than I thought.

While stationed in DC, my mother fell and broke her hip. Sherry quit a job she enjoyed to return to Belmont and take care of my mama.

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This is Mark, Mom and Sherry. Mom could not have had better care than Sherry and Shirl.

In the mean time I applied for a transfer to the Naval Reserve unit in Charlotte and in a couple months got it.

Care giving is tough even with a great patient. Sherry as always gave it her best, she truly loved my mama. A lot transpired and I finally made it home to assist.

old pic stuff  scan0021

(Shirl, Chauncy,Me, Jack jr and Mama.  Shirl brought her Poodle over to see mama!)

Shirl and her husband were now in Maryland where Jim was working at a great job in Aerospace materials. She returned to help take care of mama and Jim quit a good job to come with her. Sherry and Shirl took care of mama until she passed.

I retired from the Reserve Center and took a job at the Raddison Plaza as a maintenance man. Telling myself I did not want any responsibilities and I could work for anyone.


If you work for an idiot, well not an idiot, but a kid who doesn’t know how to organize, and every time you need something he sends you to buy it, although he says I know we have 5 of them somewhere, it sorta grates you. I don’t like to waste the boss’s money, it just isn’t me! So I quit the job and bought Sherry’s brother’s Roach Coach, and went into business for myself.


Sherry had taken a job with the Army Recruiting Battalion in Charlotte.  She loved her work. She asked for and got a part time job, short hours.

We were buying a small 3BR house in Paw Creek. Sherry saw what we were paying… (If you have ever bought a house, you realize you pay more interest up front than goes on the principal). The first year she read the lenders report. “WHAT? We only paid $200 on the principal?” She yelled pretty loudly. She learned had she paid one extra payment she would have cut 1 year of payments. So she made extra payments and in 2 years cut our loan down about 8 to 10 years.

Sherry and I have always liked to walk and talk. We solved a lot of problems that way. She knew I wanted to build houses. On one walk she asked the magic question, “Honey, can you build us a house and get us out of debt?”

“Of course!” my quick answer.

Then let’s do it.”

houses jack built scan0017

There again,  my girl started a good thing. We located a nice big lot, we cleared the lot hauling stumps one at a time on our pickup. WE together did build a beautiful split level house. We built it entirely by ourselves except the heating and A/C. This girl even climbed up on the roof to help roof the house.

houses jack built scan0024

I studied, got recommendations, took the test and become a General Contractor. Using our new house as a show place it was the start of a great life. I loved it.

We are two of the most blessed people on earth. Being frugal we have managed to live debt free for many years. We were able to retire and travel.  We have some nice places to live if we want to, but  we both love this Motor home. It is easy to clean, maintain and if we do not like the view, noise or neighbors, In 30 minutes, we can be ready to move.

Home for a while 001

Thanks for coming along on our life travels. Like my lady friends Lucy, Paula and Jean I reached this age surprisingly fast.  Am I really this old?

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I love your house. Looked like a nice place to plant some roots.

Jean said...

You better slow down are you will catch up with us, ha. I like the house that Jack and Sherry built. If Grover was as young as me, I'd like to travel, ha. Maybe a motor home so I wouldn't have 7 or 8 rooms to try to keep clean, plus a big old yard full of tree's. Take care, and a Happy Mother's Day to Sherry

Sheila Y said...

Yep, I like the house Sherry and Jack built too. Happy Mother's Day to Sherry! Love from up here, Sheila

Mevely317 said...

Bittersweet share, my friend. I'm touched by the love shared between Sherry, Shirl and your mom.

What can I say about this house ... but it fairly shouts, "Welcome home." Love the flag.

Please wish Sherry a very happy Mother's Day from Phoenix!

shirl72 said...

I think about the house with the
swimming pool every time I pass.
After Jim died and I sold my houses You helped me get settled
into a beautiful place.

We all went through some changes
taking care of Mother. We did
what we thought was right. People
take care of family. I have no regrets. The pictures are good,

Paula said...

Good women taking care of your Mom. I know she appreciated it. Like the house you and Sherry built. Happy Mother's Day to her.

betty said...

Young people could/should take a lesson from you and Sherry on your saving ways and wanting to live debt free. The world needs lots more couples like you guys! I bet it was fun to build that house together; looked great! Lots of love and hard work went into building it I am sure.

How sweet for Shirl and Sherry to take care of your mom. That too is a labor of love!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You two amaze me with all you've done. I'm sure I'd never make it up on a roof...I get dizzy on my kitchen step ladder. Glad you got to build your house and also got to get the one you have now. Your life has been full and rich with the things money can't buy too.

Cindi said...

amazing story, thanks for sharing

Rose said...

I'm always so impressed with all your stories. Love the house.
You can do anything and everything. You amaze me!

God Bless Sherry for taking good care of your mother.

Hugs to my favorite couple!

Chatty Crone said...

No Jack you are not old - you are seasoned just right.

How wonderful Sherry helped your mom and loved her so much.