Sunday, May 18, 2014

Difficult people

From my seat at the edge of Bloggerville, I honestly see nice folk, not  difficult people.  But in my life I have had occasion to know and work with difficult folk.


(Three’s again tonight!)

Some are boring, some are egotists , many are ‘know it all’s’ and some are over bearing personalities. Some like to get tooo close as they talk (is that invading one’s space?)

I think maybe I come across as a ‘know it all’. There are times I add my opinion because I think I should, and others I DO NOT voice my opinion.  I think that problem of mine is mostly with family members.


I have never had a problem with someone pushing me in a sexual way.  I think women have that problem more than men.  Many of my gender think they are God’s gift to the world, but mostly to women. 

Some folk feel they must share their opinion on every subject, as a matter of fact they insist on it.Surprised smile.

In my situations, I have mostly tolerated it, ignored or avoided situations that put me close to someone I was not comfortable.

There were times I wish I could just ‘lower the boom’ or ‘Say WHAT IS ON MY MIND!”


Of course at times I might have been the one who was obnoxious to my shipmates, if so they also tolerated me.

We all have opinions, and there are times they MUST be expressed. I honestly try to be more thoughtful, I think age helps in that respect.


I seem to think most folk fall in the same category as I, that is, ignore and avoid. BUT there is always the co-worker or peer who “MUST SAY WHAT IS ON THEIR MINDS.”  (Hundreds of times I have wished I could do the same.)


I am just rambling, thanks for coming this way. I do appreciate your time and comments.

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Funny thing about difficult folk, we don’t know it.

I am going to make a concentrated effort to cut my entries down….




The Camaro


DD said...

My husband also has an opinion and he is going to give it! I am the opposite. I tug at him, he says no, I want to help. He is like you, a know it all..haa. Seriously, he does want to help anyone, everyone.
But yes, there are all kinds and I stay away from

Rose said...

There are some people that we should all stay away from. I was taught to be selective who I choose for my friends. I know it is difficult to stay clear from them. You just have to ease away from them.

Hugs to my favorite couple

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

For the most part I respect everyones opinions. It makes me think more and often gives me some new ideas. There have been some I have had to stay away from some people though as all they did was bring me down. I enjoy all your posts and reading about the wonderful life you and Sherry share.

Unknown said...

What a delightful post. You express yourself so easily- so simply. I think you'd be fun to know. As for opinions: As you said, we all have them. I've never been afraid to voice mine but as I got older learned to listen more- talk less. Seems to work out better. :) There are some people I care deeply for but have had to wean myself away from them. They are negative people, critical people, making themselves feel better by tearing others down. Those kinds of people are not for me.
Have an awesome day. I envy your being able to do what you're doing. My husband's ill health prevented us from traveling as we always wanted to. But before his health got so bad we were truckers for several years and got to visit every one of the states.

Glenda said...

Love all the pics of the "threes" you've posted!

betty said...

I don't think your entries are long, Jack; just blog whatever you feel comfortable doing. I do like the groups of threes you've been sharing :)

I have given my opinion more than I should in the past, LOL; I've tried to be more respectful of other's opinions in my later years :)



Sometimes KNOW IT ALLS get on my nerves. But everybody is entitled to their opinions and should be allowed to express them.

Mevely317 said...

How fortunate you are to be in a position to share your opinions, Jack! Working for the company I do, I'm constantly having the censure what I say or write.
Nevertheless, a certain individual with whom I'm in close contact 5 days a week came to mind as soon as I saw your header. Drives me crazy, but whatever I share, she constantly interrupts with a scenario that tops mine -- from the mundane to sheer craziness. (Almost makes me feel like manufacturing a wild story, just to hear her rejoinder.) Oh well, like momma always said, "This would be a dull world if everyone were the same."

PS - I hope you don't go 'cutting down' on your posts ... I might miss something that strikes a chord! :)

Paula said...

I'm with Mevely about people who just have to top whatever you say. I like her idea of a wild story. Don't cut your entry length, you always have interesting topics.

Sheila Y said...

Opinions, yep every one has them. Maybe the delivery determines how we accept them. Hope you are enjoying this cooler weather the last few days. Love your entries don't change a thing. Have a great week! Sheila