Saturday, May 17, 2014

I like rags

When I am at our homeport I always find a way to get dirty.  For some reason, the jobs I choose or the ones that choose me are dirty. Take the other day. My son Mark has been making trips back and forth to Florida looking for a house. As I have said on the Shipslog he finally did find one.


(The pictures are Three’s again, I know you would have never guessed!)

He has a unique way of paying for his trips, he picks up the metal along the road and sells it at the scrap yards. he has more than paid for his gas back and forth. So the other day I spied an old cast iron Dutch oven he was about to sell. He said it would bring $2 so I bought it. This pot had been in the earth for at least 40 years.

Out with the wire brush and trusty grinder. I have no sense when I have my mind on a project. 40 years of rust, dirt and dust is flying thru the air and I am oblivious of it. (To my chagrin, I did not notice my hands arms and CLOTHES (believe me Jimmy, girls notice that kind of thing.))


The air is brown, that dust is everywhere, ARE THOSE YOUR GOOD PANTS?” SHE said!

Hey, I am down to where I can see some metal   (I did move to the other side of the storage buildings) but I had to continue, stopping was not an option.

In my whole life I never knew towels and wash cloths wore out, but they do, and I get them for rags, did I say I love rags? Well I never throw a t-shirt away, I cut it up into rags. But the treasure comes is when a towel gets a hole in it and I cannot dry with it anymore, or more times than not I RUIN a white wash cloth.


(Back to the pot)

After finally seeing some metal, and being very wise I put it aside and looked at my clothes…………… Did I do that? My good jeans were DARK BROWN from the direct reception of my grinder. My hands and arms were black-brown. Soooo it is to the hand cleaner, and a good RAG.  Then some extra hand cleaner on my pants that I am still wearing, then a smaller rag to scrub my pants, then the hose. NOW In man/boy terms, I am clean.


Now, another RAG a big blue towel to sorta dry my pants which I am still wearing, Then and only then can I go inside and remove my clothes, slip on some shorts and dutifully put my clothes in the washer after a bottle of spray an wash. Then shower using a dark blue wash rag.

Rags have saved my life.

Nite Shipslog


When it comes to clothe, I am a good recycler..



Ahhh, the ‘57 chevy, It was a beautiful car…


Unknown said...

About that cast iron...
Check out this link about cleaning and seasoning cast iron. My sister used this process on seasoning. (She broke open flaxseed capsules for the flaxseed oil.) She was pleased with the results.
If you happen to have a Griswold or Wagner brand cast iron piece, it might fetch a lot more than $2. :-)
And about rust on clothes--use peroxide (or non-chlorine bleach) and cold water, so you don't set the rust stain.
Yep, I like rags too. I keep saving my cotton rags in case I ever get a bee hive and need to burn cotton rags in my bee smoker. (Am I crazy to think I'll ever get a bee hive?!)

betty said...

I like how your son collects those things and then recycles them and uses the money for gas. Very wise. Makes me want to see what is alongside the road here, LOL.

Sounds like quite a project you undertook, Jack! I can see why it would make you more than a bit dirty!

I do remember my mom cutting up things to use for rags; can never get enough of them sometimes I think!


Paula said...

I love rags and have a passel of them but will John walk to the garage to get one? No he will use a perfectly good wash cloth. Wish Sherry would come over to train him, I can't seem to.

Chatty Crone said...

I would never have thought of looking for metal to sell - now that is smart! Not so cleaning in good clothes.


My hubby uses his old clothes and undershirts for rags too. They last forever. Bet you cleaned up real nice.

Louis la Vache said...

There's nothing like 100% cotton for a good rag!

That is one fine '57 Chevy you showed there!
The fuel injection was a very rare option, though GM made it available on the Corvette and on the limited-production '57 Pontiac Bonneville as an option, too. The planned but never-produced '57 Packards would have been the first U.S. production cars with fuel injection as standard equipment. The GM units were made by Rochester. Packard's would have been made by Bendix. Of course, they were mechanical units as the sophisticated electronics we now have for fuel injection weren't available in '57. The Nazis used mechanical FI units on their aircraft engines in WWII. The Rochester and Bendix units were evolved from what the Nazis had used. With Packard's demise, fuel injection didn't become common on U.S. cars for another 20 years. When we lost Packard, we lost a driving force for auto innovation.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You do get into some dirty jobs there. My husband used to have a pair of coveralls that he'd slip on for those kind of jobs. I am a saver and have lots of rags.Having had a large family I now have lots of old towels. They do make wonderful rags. Hope you and Sherry have a wonderful Sunday. The sun is finally out here after a week of mostly rain.