Thursday, July 31, 2014

Frustration, Inanimate Objects!

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This is laughable. Coincidence? I had THIS entry(or one like it), complete, and it just faded away. Monitor said, ‘disk error’, AND then message and post faded…. GONE!

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Do you  ever get frustrated and take it out on an inanimate object? i.e. Kick a flat tire, curse a worn screw driver or throw something. Maybe a ball point pen that skips at the WRONG TIME?

Okay, that is the point, the WRONG or WORST TIME to break.  QUESTION JACK, is there a RIGHT time?

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YES! I think a washing machine ‘knows it is going to stop.’  So at 10 am on Wednesday it should announce, “Hey out there, since I am not going to be used until Saturday morning, my timer is going out, this would be a good time to replace it, when I am not needed.”

I am sure you do not talk to ‘things’, but I seem to have developed that habit. Leaving Maine the other day, we hit a LOT of Heavy Rain. We were on the 2 lane Hwy #16 in New Hampshire when I noticed the driver’s wiper was tangled with the hose that supplies the wiper cleaning fluid. Then I noticed the blade was slipping down out of it’s locks and the top metal was beginning to hit the glass. This can permanently scar a windshield.

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Fortunately I found a pull off. While in the rain putting an underway patch on the wiper I asked, “Couldn’t you find a better time?” Thru the rain I heard it laughing.

“EXCUSE ME SIR, but you paid no attention to me when I called out to you a couple  days ago when the sun was shining to tell you I thought the lower metal piece was fatigued and would give-way soon.” Rain continues, so does the wiper, “I have also been dodging that little hose for a year. ‘OUCH,’ now you are squeezing with piers and tightening that string around my belly, I can hardly breathe, but I will not stop completely, I will work but that string won’t last forever, you remember that when the sun comes out again.”  And under its breath I heard “dummy”.

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This is such an appropriate entry for us. Sherry just came in frustrated with her new contact lenses. “I must have them in the wrong eye, this is frustrating.”  (I couldn’t help myself, I smiled)

“Can’t be, those are the only eyes you have.” (not cool, but she laughed!)


Thanks for sticking with me. This is not the one I lost, but close.

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Frustration is not new. Remember the guy Moses? Throwing down the tablets he had in his hands, “A GOLDEN CALF!, ARE Y’ALL CRAZY?”

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Today’s vehicle, appropriate. (water, water every where, nor a drop to drink!)

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(that is a fleet side Chevy truck 60-70 era methinks.)


~mel said...

... and you have the audacity to snicker at me when I post animal pictures and paraphrase them. Here you are talking AND answering back from a windshield wiper and a hose! KEEP a close eye on him Sherry if you every get your contact lenses in the right eye. Lordy ~~ both of you are headed for the loony bin :) LOL ... You know I'm just joking with you ~ OR AM I ????

Lucy said...

Had to laugh at Mel's comment. Everything You said is so true. I am thinking it is time to start thinking of retiring from the road,----But---- the same frustrations come up at home except dealing with traffic and roads under construction Until you come to Lincoln, Ne. you may be able to get down one street without construction. Our mayor said they discovered they had more money than they thought so they are going to do it all. They constructed a roundabout just down the street and past hiway 2 where there was never many problems but the round abouts makes it nearly impossible to get to where we will be buried, eat hamburgers without feeling like you may never get to either one because of the round abouts.

Unknown said...

Good post. Those inanimate objects can get pretty sassy at times. Have you ever looked something up on the internet, and the search engine asks you "did you mean..."
Just last night and today I was discussing a flower called Texas mallow. A guy from Texas said they called it turkey's cap down there. I said, "Wouldn't that be Turk's cap (because it looks like a Turkish turban)?" His too-smart-for-its-britches phone had auto corrected, lol.

Unknown said...

Your post put the biggest smile on my face. Well, to be honest it made me laugh out loud. Why? Because the very first photo of the post was once me. I'd just finished the first four pages of a story I was working on. The pages were, in my opinion, some of my best. Every word was one I'd chosen with great care. Well, I was ready to start the next paragraph when WHOOSH...all those carefully chosen words disappeared before my very eyes. It was like watching Pac Man eat them slowly, one at a time. I never did figure out what I'd done wrong. lol

Sheila Y said...

I think if someone says they have never done something like that they might be telling a fib...:-) Sherry I feel your pain, I decided to try contacts the last time I went to the eye doctor...they can be frustrating. Hope the weather is better! Did I mention, it's supposed to be a high of 71 here tomorrow? :-D But there will probably be rain too, but that is okay we need it. Take care, Sheila

Paula said...

The picture of a truck loaded down with tires reminds me of me asking John if he as a plan if he has a flat loaded with feed. He doesn't! Also he talks bad to objects what don't do what the thinks they ought to do.

Cindi said...

I knew it. The windshield wiper does speak..... Lol


our wipers once went out in a blinding snowstorm. You are right it always happens at the worst possible time. Hope a permanent fix is implemented. And I hope Sherry's contacts work better with a little wear.

betty said...

Good that Sherry could laugh about her contacts; hope she resolved that problem; nothing like not being able to see :)

It is amazing when appliances and whatnot decide to go out; always seems to be an inconvenience when they do.


Mevely317 said...

I shouldn't laugh. I really shouldn't. (Then again...)
Never considered a dialogue with an inanimate object - but me thinks you could take this act on the circuit!

Hope Sherry's eye woes straighten themselves out. But from now on, when I say, "Must have them in the wrong eyes" I'll be thinking of her!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Seems like you are having quite a trip there between the tolls, the girl in the box and now your wipers. Never a dull moment for sure. I have had my wipers stop doing their job when it was raining and it's frightening when you can't see where you are going. Hope you get it fixed soon. Take good care as you travel. It seems there is more rain coming today, at least here where I live.

Rick Watson said...

Been there :)

Unknown said...

I feel you. I can only imagine the frustration of having to go through all of that, with car parts not being on a fine condition and all at such a crucial moment. I hope you have your car double-checked, so you wouldn't have any further problems in your future travels. Kudos!

Abraham Yates @ Apache Oil Company