Saturday, July 19, 2014

The simple life

It is easy for the ‘English’, that is us who are not Amish, to say “I wish we could enjoy the simpler life, we are always in the ‘fast lane’.”


I think that goes along with my feelings in my past life when I would say ‘I wish I lived so far back in the mountains you would have to have sunshine pumped in.’

We do get so over whelmed by stress and family problems that we think the answer would be find a place to hide.


But I do remember the simpler life, mama boiling clothes in the black pot. Using a wringer machine with two tin tubs that had to be filled by hand. Then the solar dryer that I covered here before and, Oh yes, the ironing, including the starching. NOTHING WAS WASH AND WEAR.


We didn’t need much from the store because mama had canned the tomatoes, beans, greens, jelly etc. The key word here is ‘CANNED’. Most of you  know we have a couple or three bloggers in the North woods, who still put up their meat and can the veggies.


Brothers and sisters, that is work and in my life I have canned only 4  quarts of beans, and they went BAD, because I did something wrong.

The simpler life included baths in the #2 tin tub once a week.


In the simpler life you  were lucky if you had one car in a family.

It is fun to think back on some of that time, but I do remember hot nights when you were happy to have a fan to cool your body, as it dried the sweat.

I see the Amish way of life and I admire their standards, but in all honesty, that is not for me.

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What do you remember about the simpler life?



Now I love this car, but if you have never driven a car from the 20 & 30’s you do not know how hard it is to steer. There was no Power steering. You might even have to push it to start it.  That was the simpler life also.


shirl72 said...

Let me see simpler life, long gone.
My life should be easy, but things
to do all the time. Farming is a
chore. My few plants takes me
about 1/2 day to water. Growing
cotton is fascinating to me seeing
the beautiful cotton fields when
we were traveling. I was wondering do the Amish grow cotton? Amish
are great people..

Lucy said...

I remember canning on a smaller scale. Tomatoe's and green beans. I took in ironing when I was divorced since I could not afford to pay a baby sitter and still work away from home. One time Lee, Marty's dad left and came back with a box fan I could put in the window. the was 102 degeree's and I was ironing. I would not like to live the life the Amish live but I sure have worked just a little like them and it would be hard work.

Glenda said...

As you know, there was an Amish community in central Missouri and we knew some of the families well. How they managed was amazing. Just walking into the house from being outdoors in 90 degree heat makes me so grateful for modern A/C. Hope you're cooler up there!

Mevely317 said...

Great reminder! Personally, I've become spoiled rotten by modern conveniences.
'Hate to imagine what I'd do, were I dependent on growing, harvesting and canning my own food -- but then, my grandparents did just that every day with a smile on their face.

(Still, I miss those solar dryers!)

betty said...

I'm with you, Jack, I admire those that live the simpler life, like the Amish, but that is definitely not for me either. I am glad I didn't live in the pioneer times; I don't think I would have survived very long. You are right, there is a process for canning to be done right so things don't spoil; I know my in laws would can long ago, my mom would just make strawberry jelly here and there, but I remember her having her process of sealing the jars, etc.


Paula said...

Glad my first washer was a wringer type so I appreciate my modern one more. Wouldn't mind seeing a line full of baby diapers flapping in the sunshine and breeze though. Oh but walking the floor with a colicky baby, no thanks. Wow! I could go on and on with this entry. Thanks for the memories.


Your simpler life involved a lot of hard work on your mama's part to accomplish it, didn't it?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm with you, that way of life would not be for me. I like to think I live life in the slow lane simply because I take my time and enjoy it. I move much slower than I used to but that is a good thing.

Annesphamily said...

Driving on I-25 with my honey today to pick up Elitch Amusement Park tickets I won on the radio for our kids, haha, they are all in their 20s but the time at the park will be good for the four of them! I hate the fast moving cars and crazy drivers! we still own one car between the two of us! We have had to live simply because we have been poor with five kids and two of them in private school! The youngest, a runner, went to a two year college on scholarship and now has the opportunity to attend the Kansas Wesleyan University. They can't give him as huge a scholarship as the little school did but he is over the moon about it! We are too! So our simple lives stay simple. ALl the other kids make decent money so we hope they will care for ole ma and pa in our truly golden years! I do not iron! Iremember my mom giving me an iron for an extra wedding gift that she got at the Savings and Loan for making a deposit! I have a no ironing clause in my marriage vows! LOL! LOL! I do simple living. Thanks for this share.