Sunday, June 14, 2015

And then there Is JOE

Sherry can tell me his last name. I only know him as Joe. My grandson Ben and Joe’s Step son,Jeremy, were best of buddies.

Jeremy was a good kid, but spoke Southern the way TV makes fun of Southern accents.

Ben came in one day and exaggerated  his new Southern Accent, (Ben is from Utah), Sherry asked what is wrong with you Ben. “Grama, Ah’m jest tryyyin’ to FIET In”. Of course we cracked up.

Anyway today we saw Joe across from a yard sale. He was driving his 1958 Red Chevy convertible (that yellow  is the sun not the paint job.) . He had parked beside a garage and then he backed out  a beautiful two door hard top 1958 Chevy out of it.

100_2498 100_2499 100_2500

I am not sure if the blackie is his, but it is beautiful.

Locally Politian's contact Joe to drive them in the parades. He always obliges.

Not much happening here. Son Mark heads back to Florida to close on his third house to rebuild and sell (this year). He is taking his son Luke with him. Luke is between college years.

Thanks for stopping by the log.

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1954 DeSoto Adventurer


betty said...

Joe has a great looking car! I'm sure you enjoyed taking a picture of it and seeing him! Good for Mark with what he is doing with houses! Lots of hard work but can be profitable I do think!



Love those vintage cars. I'm kind of partial to that red 1954 DeSoto Adventurer. Reminds me of a modern T-Bird.

Back Porch Writer said...

Car is cool! Y'all be safe out there!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Red has always been my favorite color and that red car is a beauty. Hope your son and Luke have a great summer working together.

Paula said...

Good luck to Mark and Luke. Like that red car.

Mevely317 said...

Cracks me up about Ben trying to "fiet in"!
When we visit my kids, Tom tries his best to adapt - often with hilarious results. Bless his heart, he still hasn't figured the difference between y'all and all-y'all.

Congrats to Mark on his latest sale!

Rick Watson said...

My cousin had a baby blue 1958 convertible. It was one beautiful car.