Thursday, June 25, 2015

Simple pleasures

Elizabeth has a blogs at ‘Simple Pleasures’, She does a lot of boating, emphasizing the simple things (that are not always simple to me, (smile), but fun to read.) They travel around and put their boat in and have fun. The other day I recognized a shot from the Dora Canal. One of the prettiest miles on the water.

We lived on Lake Dora, right at the mouth of the canal. When we had visitors, they had to see the canal.


Then MA (What’s new at my house) got me thinking of  time without A/C. And the simple pleasures of Summer.

WE lived mostly in the Piedmont section of North Carolina. That is close enough for a picnic lunch and a drive to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Simple family fun, hoping to see a bear or deer. Usually we saw both.

I did swim in a real city pool a few times, but most of the times it was in a creek. Sometimes not knee deep, but in the summer who cares.

For a couple times our home was close to the Catawba River.  Simple fun, a cane pole, a pint jar of pinto beans, an onion from a farmers garden and my dog Ace. Fishing and swimming. Simple fun.

Swings are simple pleasures whether in the woods on a vine, over a creek on a single rope or on the front porch.

Did your mama ever spray you with the garden hose? I thought of that yesterday when Sherece had Stella out on the drive under shower from a garden hose.


Then a thunder storm on a hot day, enough to put water running in the gutter or ditch. Wading barefoot and smelling the earth after a shower. What a pleasure.

Growing up we did not have Air conditioning of course, and I liked to sleep on the porch.

There is a story in Sherry’s family. Her mama Susie was visiting son Vernon & family in Detroit. She slept in Rick’s room. As usual, it was hot and they were sweating.  Susie said Rick (about 6 yrs old) looked over at her and said, “Nice and warm tonight, isn’t it?”

(Rick is in Saudi Arabia at present, nice and warm there too!)

Now for old folk, a simple pleasure in the summer is, AIR CONDITIONING.

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This Chrysler Diablo never made it to Production either, I sure like it.


Jimmy's Journal said...

After age 7-8, all the neighborhood kids swam in the lakes or canals. More adventurous than a pool.


betty said...

I do remember being sprayed by the hose on hot summer days :) Always fun since the water was always so cold and refreshing. There are so many wonderful simple pleasures out there as part of life, we just have to look for them, no matter what the season. I do have to say after four years of no air conditioning, I am enjoying the simple pleasure of air conditioning once again (though trying not to freak out too much about what the bill might be next month, LOL :)


Elizabeth said...

Oh you are so right Jack, air-conditioning is a great "simple pleasure" I also grew up without it,but could not do without it now! Thanks for the kind remarks about my blog! Mt.Dora is one of my favorite places!

Rick Watson said...

My column this coming Sunday is about that very topic Jack. We didn't have AC either. It's hard to imagine living that way now :)

Paula said...

Not only did we not have A/C, we didn't have a fan either. Couldn't waste water squirting with the hose either because we bought water from a neighbor for $2.00 a month. I sure appreciate water to use anytime, air conditioning, and ceiling fans are the best.


I grew up without air conditioning too. Those days getting cool by get spritzed by the hose are some of my favorite memories.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have to say I totally agree with's a pleasure for sure to have air conditioning. I can no longer take the extreme heat or cold. Today we are having a break from the heat and what I call the perfect temp - lower 70's. I know it won't stay this way, but I love it and the a/c is off.

shirl72 said...

We are suppose to have a break from the heat today, I sure hope so.
Miss last blog I have some spaces in my head don't worry they may
close. I'm like Paula looking forward to getting the bill for air-conditioning. We sure needed it the last 2 weeks thank goodness we
have cool air flowing. Need to get off and go to SOCKS "Serving Our Community with Kindness". Helping poor with Food and Clothes.