Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More stuff,Money, Chickens and a commode.

I normally steer away from financial advice columns, because I think most are going to tell me how to ‘invest’ our ‘extra’ money.  Well I am not an investor because I do not understand a lot about Wall Street, stock market and ‘THEM THANGS’.  But I was captivated by an article written by Cameron Huddleston entitled “What I learned about money from My Russian Husband.”

It was a very good article, but it was no more than I was taught by my parents who came thru the depression in the USA.

1. YOU cannot waste money. (that ended with a period)

2. Reuse everything you can. (new word to me:repurpose)

3. clothes are to be worn until worn out or passed down.

4. Fix it or learn to fix it.

5. etc

It always amazes me what people ‘throw away’. It amazes me that folks can and do buy a new washer and dryer because it is prettier than theirs or the Jones’s have them.



I smile about a discussion going on on a Forum about  brown and white eggs. Bonnie over at ‘Organic Discourse’ who also comments here a lot, set the men straight with facts, even though she is younger. There is no difference in the nutrition in Brown and white. Some of us knew that them Rhode Island Reds laid Brown eggs.


My mama said the RI red hens laid the best eggs, so despite what Bonnie said, Mama had to be right. (smile). I loved the brown double yolk eggs.



Commodes.If stuck in traffic, is great  to be in a motor home. It was mentioned by a friend in an e-mail about wondering what to do at a time you are stuck in traffic for a long time and YOU MUST GO and there are no woods around. Once in Florida at a LLLONG wait there was a knock on our door. A lady about 50yrs old apologized first, then said her mother was old and needed to use the bathroom, could we possible let her.


Of course we said we would be glad to, I AND MY SISTERS HAVE KNOWN THE FEELING! She assisted her mama to our motor home, it was no easy task for her to get in, but she did and used the facility.  I was probably as glad to let her use it as she was, because I have known the feeling.


Nite Shipslog


I visited my sister Shirl and came back with a mess of squash. I love the fresh garden veggies.

BTW do you have a preference in egg color?

Easter egg color preferred?


1951 BUICK XP-300

  • 1951 Buick that never made production.


Sheila Y said...

It would definitely be nice to have a commode with you if you were stuck in traffic or anytime traveling. At least you wouldn't have to hunt for a bathroom, Take care, Sheila

Lisa said...

I don't know much about eggs except they are all yellow in the middle. I heard the brown eggs are richer in taste. Speaking of yellow in the middle. I love to cook my eggs leaving the yellow runny for dipping toast in. We grew up calling it "an egg with a moon on it" Mom was the only one that knew what that meant.
Happy Trails

betty said...

I don't think I have ever had a brown egg, so no preference here. An egg is an egg is an egg, me thinks.

That was pretty good money advice, especially to use something until it wore out or broke. We are practicing that with our cars, LOL, but so much better than having a monthly car payment :)


Paula said...

I'll take my eggs white. I used to cook runny eggs for Mel but I wouldn't touch them. Good advice here and a lot of it I use. Someone who has rent property told me when the cook stove gets so dirty she just replaces it. This shocked me, if they were that dirty in our property Mel just moved it out side and the putty knife came out to scoop that grease up. Then lots of hot soapy water and maybe some ammonia added. Why have rent property if you aren't going to try to make money?

shirl72 said...

They tell us that eggs are high in cholesterol. I do like them but
leave them out of my diet. I agree it is horrible to need to use the
bathroom and stuck in traffic. I think our bladder is about the size
of a green pea..I know that lady was thankful...

Mevely317 said...

I was always a gullible child ... believing milk in the brown bottles was better. So ya, it stands to reason that brown-shell eggs are tastier. Doesn't it?
Can't say I've a favorite Easter dye-job. Probably yellow, since it's such a cheerful color.

That's such a sweet story about y'all providing a restroom for that fellow traveler!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree about repurposing things and using what you have. If it is not broke, why buy something new? I do like brown eggs if I had my preference, but most of what we are offered here is white ones. I like blue Easter eggs, but not sure why. Looks to be a bright and sunny day here in Ohio. Hope you all are keeping cool down there.


i try to repurpose things here. I buy alot of used books. And make sure to donate as much as I can so others can get good use out of things we no longer need.