Friday, June 12, 2015

It is good to look back on something of which you are proud!

Most of you know I have had a lot of ‘Career’ changes. One of those was a stint as a Church of God minister. Trying to follow in my dad’s foot steps.

We pastored a small church in Moberly, MO. Absolutely the salt of the earth people. I learned a lot from some family names: Conrads (Farm Family) and Guffeys (Railroad Family) and Dewey’s (Logging FAmily) and a few more.

What once was

(I Remember the past a lot lately)

Then we got a call to Rutherfordton, NC. (If you are from there it is RUL- LUH-FOR-TON). We have learned in our travels only folks foreign to the area pronounce names correctly. ;-).There  we added an educational building at that church, debt free.

Then we organized and built a very good church with more wonderful folk in the New Hope Section of GAston County, NC.

In my short stint at New Hope, before I headed off to study Surveying (thought to be the next career) I performed two marriages. One did not last long, it was a favor for friends of friends and not associated with our church.  The other has lasted around fifty years, maybe a year shy of that.



Steve and Linda T. Two wonderful young people (kids).


(The pictures are pictures of pictures they had, I took them from their Wedding book the last time down there.)


Steve and Linda in 2011.


So today we are on our way to visit that couple, they live now in Anderson, SC. They have raised a wonderful family. They have stayed in the Church work and he has been a dynamic choir leader in large churches.

Even in the wrong career, one  can do something right!


We are looking forward to the visit.

See you tomorrow.

Nite Shipslog


We are traveling in our tow vehicle, not taking the MH this trip.



1953 Cadillac Ghia Coupe

This one never made production either.


Mevely317 said...

You know, one of my favorite things about Ship's Log is the chance to 'meet' those folks you've come to care for.

... Doubly neat, when learning of another 'happily ever after'!

betty said...

Enjoy your visit with your friends!! How neat too that they are still friends after all these years and that you married the two of them!


shirl72 said...

Hope you had a good visit. In our life time we have met wonderful
friends. Jim being an Aerospace Engineer we traveled and met good friends. Dad being a Minister put us in contact with wonderful
people. Life is good GOD is good.

Glenda said...

This gal would NEVER say it was wrong to make the passage into the ministry ~ you, Sherry and the boys brought such happiness in all your works and Pastor visits, the humor gigs we adored, the drawings, the wonderful times we shared with y'all and the families you mentioned at the Moberly church are indelibly imbedded in our memories.
Hope your visit is another special time with old friends!!!

Rick Watson said...

You guys don't let the grass grow under your feet :) Have fun with your friends.
I love the Caddy picture.

Paula said...

It's wonderful how you two can visit old friends on your travels around the country. I had an old friend come down from Mico, Texas near Medina Lake to visit with me today.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

As usual I'm catching up a day late on your post and do hope you had a wonderful visit with your friends. It must be a good feeling knowing that you married these two and they are still together.


What a special bond you share. Enjoy your visit.