Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My memory is not……


Most Saturdays our fun time and entertainment is to go to Yard sales. A week or so ago we were riding around Belmont and I read a sign, “Yard sale at 18 Henry ST.”
I drew a blank, where is Henry Street I asked.
SHE GRINNED (You know the kind) Turn right up here. She continued giving directions until I finally turned onto  a short street (2 blocks long) and ended up at 18 Henry St. A house I had built.
 scan1990-91 007
Man I thought, I built three houses on this street and two just off of it and I have forgotten?  My mind isn’t right!!
When my buddy Sonny was alive he and I used to joke constantly that Sherry, Elmer and Collette would miss their minds if they ever lost them, but ‘Me ‘n him’  would go happily on.
scan1987-88 080
(In our small travel trailer, Sonny and I on a hunting trip. We never brought home a thing, but we sure ate well in the woods for a week)

So Sonny, you are gone, you left me, you left before our minds did, but Son, Now mine is gone and I didn't’ know it, but for your information,  I do miss it.

Much of that is in jest (Except the incident) but now I am heading into my upper 70’s I am finding it true, the blank spaces in my thinking and mind are getting bigger, and I do not like it.
But I don’t mean to complain, but I am getting to the place in age that inspired the joke about going for the mail, and noticing the yard needed mowing, go get the lawn mower and notice the hinge on the door needs fixing, look for a screw driver, notice your coffee cup you left there yesterday, take it inside, rinse it out and pour a cup of coffee and ask, now what was I going to do?
Thanks for stopping by. Now please tell me I am normal, Imma beginning to wonder?
Nite Shipslog
This one never made it into production:
1956 Pontiac Club Deb Mer (The 50’s there was a big flair for fins.)


Glenda said...

Can so totally relate to this entry and you've got a few years on me!
Enjoyed yesterdays "dating" entry immensely, just keep on having fun and let Sherry keep your memory on track :)

Sheila Y said...

Oh well, at least you have Sherry to keep you straight. ;-) I think we all have these moments. I wish now I had kept a diary so I could remember more from the past. Maybe that's why you need good friends and family, we all remember things the other might have forgotten. Take care, Sheila
PS. Close that oven it's getting to hot up here!

Elizabeth said...

I call those my "senior moments" you were right that was the Dora canal on my blog!

Paula said...

Just so one of you know what you're doing. I say you're normal 'cause if you ain't I'm in trouble too.

betty said...

You are definitely normal, Jack. I think its just part of aging that we forget some things, but as long as you don't get lost when going to a familiar place like home, I don't think there's too much to worry about. We went shopping the other day, forget to get the candy hubby puts in a candy dish at work for his employees, even though it was one of the main reasons we went to the store, and yes we made another trip right then and there to get it :)



You know when you've reached a certain age you've accumulated alot of stuff in your head. Some things are bound to be forgotten. It happens to all of us, nothing to worry about.

Mevely317 said...

In a strange sort of way, this makes me feel better!
I recently went to leave a comment at Ma’s place and to save my life, I couldn’t recall the name of the flowery bush in our back yard. I even went and stood outside and glared at it … to no avail. Later, Tom was greatly amused to remind me, it’s an hibiscus.

That’s a neat photo on Henry Street. Let me guess – there’s Mark and Sherece, Matt and Luke? I wouldn‘t venture a guess on the others.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Not to worry, even the young folks have moments like that. I call it overload. Too much to remember. I know there are things I don't remember until I mull over it for awhile. There are days that will go by and then suddenly the memory will pop up in my mind. It's a miracle how much our brains do take in.