Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Still cannot hear, but I am here! HEAR HEAR!.

It is hard to explain how you hear.  Today I went to be tested to see if I am a candidate for a Cochlea implant. It is strange how they come up with these tests.

There was ten minutes of :

Say the word Johnson.

Say the word Tommy

Say the word lkjhl’[jiu

Say the word hurmphe

SAy the word steraingthe.

Say the word gotchorina.

Then repeat this sentence:

Utfe gorn tupe over.


Of course they were speaking English but I was hearing in a form of Ethiopian Swahili (I guess). 


Tell me when you hear a sound. I sat there for four minutes and heard nothing (but the ringing and chirps in my head).  Is that good or bad?

Then the Dr. adjusted my hearing aids, now they are worse than ever.

I am frustrated, but you know what? it doesn’t hurt!  It is sorta like the Wrinkles I have accumulated, they  don’t hurt.

I held my lover tonight and told her, as long as I have her, hearing loss is incidental.

I do hate it that she must go alone to social functions, I just hope she gets used to it.  Last night she went to an old Mill Hill reunion and said she had a great time. Folks mean well, but when told I am deaf, they just continue to talk LOUDER AAAAAA

I do not like going to the Dr. It normally doesn't change a thing for me.  Maybe this time it will be different.

Sorry to ramble, but I couldn’t think of anyone else to bug.

Nite Ships log.


My sister Shirl loves to sing, Life is a bowl of Cherries, but there is a pit every once in awhile.


195 MERCURY D524 This car was never shown

This 50’s Merc  Never made it into production, it never even had a public viewing.


betty said...

So did they figure out if you were a good candidate, Jack? A friend of mine had a cochlear implant and it did improve her hearing immensely, but she was just a few years younger than you (in her early 50s when she had the procedure).


Sheila Y said...

I hope you did well on the test. After reading your post on Blowing Rock, it made me want to go. Love from up here, Sheila

Paula said...

I pray you will be able to get this implant and it will help. I am glad you have a computer and are into blogging. John can't hear or see and he has no interest in the computer. I'm hating to see so many people fading away from blogging.

Mevely317 said...

You had me going for a minute there, trying to pronounce those words(?)!
Implant or not, I love your attitude. Nevertheless, I'm praying for a great outcome!

Jean said...

I hope you passed the test and get the cochlear inplant. Grover and I both can't hear all that well either,but sometimes I think around here it is a good thing that I can't. :). Take care,Jean.

Rick Watson said...

That sounds promising Jack. I've never heard of those implants. I can hear one on one conversations but when I'm in a crowded room, all I hear is a roar.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We don't know just how important our senses are until we don't have one of them. I know it must be discouraging and I think you are an outgoing person and to not be able to join in due to hearing loss must be difficult to say the least. Glad you have Sherry to keep you up with what is said. Hope is a wonderful thing and I do hope that you can get that implant. Don't loose hope.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Love your positive attitude. Hope you can get some hearing relief soon!!
Prayers my friend.