Wednesday, June 17, 2015


In our years together, most of your lives have been centered around church. Strange but as an Atheist and Agnostic, I still attended church. It wasn’t a problem to me because I grew up in church. Some of the best (and worst) folk I have known were church people. Since my wife NEVER waivered in her beliefs and did not feel right by herself, I attended.

Anyway, that aside, our church always had good music. Not trained, but heartfelt giving by singers and players of instrument. For a few years I even played the trumpet in our small church bands.

I guess I set the style of guitar player by Garland Page. Garland picked the guitar. I can explain what I am saying by this: When Garland picked a song it almost ‘said’ the words, vs ‘cording’, I guess. Chet Atkins comes to mind.

The churches usually had a piano and an organ as the main instruments. Over time now the ‘keyboard’ has replaced both. (many old folk don’t like that). But all keyed instruments REQUIRES TALENT to make them ‘draw you in’, to make you meditate, pat your foot, hum or sing.

But I must tell you, musicians are a strange breed. NOT ALL. but many are very temperamental, ‘touchy’ and have an ego as big as Atlanta. Now don’t get me wrong, it is not always bad (but it can be). Popular bands are not exempt from the problem, some of you are old enough to know the Beatles had that problem.

I had to laugh when some friends came together for a reunion. Sherry and I were there because they were all friends. A good friend George (not Jones) a professional singer himself and   married to  Donna, a professional singer. Bill W. was there, a song writer, a good pianos player (who was the host).


During one spontaneous jam session  it was obvious the piano player was miffed. Over lunch I mentioned it to Donna who had been playing bass and singing. She laughed, “Aw don’t pay any attention to that, all of us musicians are like that at one time of the other, we all think we are better than anyone else,” She was serious and laughing too. Right then I told Sherry that is one honest lady, and crazy too.


Music can be a great asset. whether church or county fair. campsite or deck of a ship, and the stringed or keyed instrument MUST be a great mental past time for the talented.

I once added a room on a home for a pianist. Who gave me the acoustics she required and angles of the  ceiling and walls. A huge black grand piano was the center piece. She played for her own peace of mind and satisfaction. This lady was good.

I loved orchestra and ban music. Some things cannot be replaced. If I envy, it is key or string talent.

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The ‘54 Olds Rocket 88.  I read GM would not allow it’s production because it could hurt the well known Corvette.


betty said...

I think you summed it up well about musicians, LOL :) Sometimes they might have a big ego, but I do admire the talents of the majority of them.


shirl72 said...

I have been in musical groups most of my life. There can be tension sometime but when you play or sing with a group it is rewarding and fun. I do enjoy music..

Rick Watson said...

We are a moody lot :)


All creative people tend to be a bit temperamental at times. Makes their work better in the long run.

Mevely317 said...

LOL about the egos!
I often wonder if Tom and I would have ever hit it off if I'd have known him while he was still playing in and around Chicago. What's cool, in the last year he's reconnected on FB with a few former fellow musicians - and even found one songstress who's retired and living right here in the Valley!

Paula said...

I always wanted to play the piano but don't think I had any talent for it. I did start taking lessons in our small town and practiced in the church basement. My teacher spent most of my lesson trying to convert me to the Baptist church. Since I was perfectly happy being a Methodist and really wanted to spend my lesson learning to play the piano I finally gave up. Maybe she just knew I didn't have any talent in that direction.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love lots of different kinds of music, but as for me and my family not many of us are musical at all. One of my favorite memories as a child was going to my grandparents church and listening to some of the members sing songs with out any musical accompaniment at all. Looks to be a rainy day here. It's been very busy as family are in from out of town so if I don't comment you know that is why.

salemslot9 said...

are you a
Christian now, Jack?