Monday, June 15, 2015


I am named correctly, Jack. I fit the description, ‘Jack of all trades.’

Most trades do not intimidate me.

If we have an outlet, switch or relay that does not work, I am not intimidated, I know what to do, and I do it.


BUT pull into Atlanta (or any large city) and see on the GPS, circle after circle of exits and interstates, and I AM INTIMIDATED, At times a little uncomfortable.

IF we have a leak, or any plumbing problem, NO SWEAT, I can fix it, and  usually have the parts and tools.


BUT when writing let me have a sentence  that requires either a WAS OR WERE (or have/has), and I freak out. (I really hate for the proof reader to know how ignorant I really am.) Thank goodness my Sherry knows this stuff, I usually ask her.

I can stand and entertain Hundreds (even thousands once) and have no problem.


BUT let me walk into a strange church and have to pick a seat, I am uncomfortable. (Every one at the local church has their seats) I do not want to get Bro. Timothy  or Sister Bessie’s favorite seat.

I love to paint, I even do pretty good when I sit down and do what comes to mind.


BUT to do a commissioned work, puts my nerves on edge and I blow it. (I have only been asked to paint three pictures, the last was the Tetons and I BLEW it.)

If you need the points set or Carb adjusted on your old car, no sweat, bring it on. We can chat while I do it.


BUT raise the hood on a late model car and say, it is not running right, what could it be? I AM INTIMIDATED BIG TIME. I may as well check the air in your tires for all the good I would do you. 

I have hired a few people in my life. I had no problems saying yes or no, I don’t think you will fit..


BUT when it became necessary to terminate (fire)  someone, I am the worlds worst. I have had to do that only 3 times, one my own son,  I didn’t sleep for a few nights trying to figure the best way to do it. INTIMIDATED? YOU BET.\

I see folks who seen never to be in doubt or be intimidated. I envy them.

What intimidates you? I know Tarrytere is intimidated when  a house is coming at her on a narrow road. ;-o.

Nite Shipslog


Cars that never made production:


1954 DeSoto Adventurer II

(I love it, all it needed was a front bumper!)


Sheila Y said...

Well my most recent intimidation was driving downtown Winston Salem, finding a place to park, for jury duty. First time ever to be called. 2 trials, praying I wouldn't be picked, by 3:30 pm both had taken plea deals. Hallelujah!! :-)) Take care, Sheila

shirl72 said...

I don't like to use the word intimidate I rather use the definition
dread or nervous. At my age thank goodness I don't do the things anymore like singing solos or playing piano that made me nervous.

I don't know how you write 2 blogs and I miss them..Brother you be good
writing. I guess I am to slow checking, will do better.

betty said...

I liked how you wrote this, Jack, you did your strengths and then your weaknesses. Seems like you have more strengths than what intimidates you. Driving in heavy traffic does intimidate me too, especially places I'm not familiar with. Also dealing with repair people intimidate me, especially car repair people since I don't know half the time what they are talking about and want to make sure the repair is only being done, nothing extra that isn't really needed.


Paula said...

Amen to what Betty says and then I could add public speaking. I took a public speaking course in high school and passed it, don't know how. Maybe the teacher felt sorry for me.

jack69 said...

Yes Betty also had a good point with auto repairs. At one time I was not intimidated, but in todays auto world I am.

I should have included the words 'Done and Did' mess with my mind. ;-o

Hammerin Hank said...

This is Hank Mace. Love the pics of the cars.

Mevely317 said...

Neat observations! I've always heard that a great leader surrounds himself/herself with those whose strengths are opposite theirs. (... or something like that.)

I don't think I could ever be a leader - only because I can't imagine ever having the moxie to fire someone, even if they deserved it.

PS - Off the top of my head, I'm mostly intimidated by SaranWrap; followed closely by linen slacks.


Loved this post. We all have our strong points and our weak ones. The house coming right at me definitely got the better of me that day.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There are lots of things and people that intimidate me. It's the things we don't know that are the worst. Just like the care repair guys can really intimidate me as I don't know a thing about fixing a car. Good post and made me think...that is something I need to work on. I don't like feeling intimidated at all.

Rick Watson said...

I can fix a lot of things too, but like you there are things that are difficult and I avoid if I can. Sometimes doing new things are intimidating but become less so when you learn a little about them.
The Atlanta interstate system is an example. Once I learned a little about the layout and that it's actually safer to drive 95 mph to flow with the traffic, I was fine.

Unknown said...

Of course you do Hank.

Unknown said...

Now, which son could that have been? I wonder?

Unknown said...

Now, which son could that have been? I wonder?

Unknown said...

Of course you do Hank.