Wednesday, June 3, 2015

OLD Friends

Some of you may remember that once in my many 'lives', I thought I was a preacher. During that time, and in my childhood church was the center of my life, whether I liked it or not, because my dad was a Church of God preacher.  Our church had strict RULES and I just accepted them.

(This was at the country church Dad pastored, me on the right and my sister Kat in the middle. left is Shirl. Mama loved her chickens, that was her chicken lot, dad's shadow he always wore a hat)

As time moved on, our church and many other 'strict' churches relaxed their stance on many things. Today's entry comes from an era after I had moved thru several of MY life's phases. From preacher to atheist, to agnostic and back to my Christian beliefs (Notice I said 'I', my girl NEVER had a doubt of what she believed, and we never 'fussed').  Since our 'faith' roads came back together, I am of course, much more liberal than my girl, and we still do not fuss.

(Old friends are like old houses, they hold so many wonderful memories)

On weekends when we are on the road we attend church as a rule. So this week in this area, my girl was reading something, looking for a church and she sorta squealed, "Ron and Sylvia have a church in this area!" WE met Ron and Sylvia after I had become more active teaching and entertaining (no longer preaching). At the time we met,  Ron was just beginning his ministry after 'feeling the call to preach' and we were attending the same church.

So, we visited their church and took them out to dinner afterwards and sat in the booth for an hour talking after the meal. It was fun to catch up, it had been 35 years.  Lots of water under the bridge. Of course I have a tough time communicating but as the crowds diminished in the restaurant I could understand better and I asked about their health, they looked great.

"Well Jack, other than a heart attack, 5 bypasses, a stroke and having a de-fib installed, I am great."  WE  sorta laughed, a surprise laugh, not a funny laugh. then he said, "Seriously, I do feel great and I get along very well."

Now we have an invite to their home for dinner coming up.  It is good to cross paths with folks you have known under pleasant conditions.

"Write a book, price it so your profit is $1, sell a million copies and you have it. Do you know who said that?" Ron asked me.

"No." says I.

"You said that once to the question a kid asked about how to become a millionaire."  I evidently said that during one of the sessions when I bantered back and forth with the kids, that was some of the best times of my life, entertaining kids with chalk, ventriloquism and magic. I miss it.

I taught this kid to change the colors of hankies and he is teaching me how to put a toad to sleep. (That is Sy, from up in the North Woods of Wisconsin, a Darla grandlove. He is practically grown now, I hear)

Ron & Sylvia stirred a lot of good memories.
Nite Shipslog

I think this is an early '40's Studebaker we saw at the Studebaker Museum in South Bend.

I get upset at finding pictures. I cannot find early pictures of Ron & Sylvia. BUT on the right are our Oldest friends, outside of family and hometown folk. Robert Dallas and the beautiful Marian Fletcher. The picture is us, then and now.

I have mentioned this many times, This is the family of the oldest friends from when I thought I was a preacher. The farming family from Missouri, the Conrads.


Glenda said...

The BEST "preacher's family we ever had and certainly the most entertaining pastor!!! Great that you had opportunity to renew ties with Pastor Ron and Sylvia, it's wonderful to connect with old friends.

betty said...

How fun to meet up with friends like this and be able to spend time with them and go to their church!! I like the advice you gave to that child about being a millionaire. Now me thinks I have to come up with an idea for a book that I can write that will sell a million copies :)


Paula said...

I like the way you and Sherry keep up with old friends and are able to visit with some from time to time on your travels. A lot of people doesn't keep up. I think it takes both sides to stay in touch.

shirl72 said...

It is good to meet up with old friends. I know you had a good time.
Over the years we have met many...lots of mine are no longer alive.
We are getting there and good to see the ones that are here.


Touching base with old friends is a blessing. especially after 35 years. glad you had a wonderful visit.

Rick Watson said...

I can think of nothing I'd rather do than visit with old friends. In fact, my column for this coming Sunday (Blog for Monday) is about seeing an old friend.
Great post Jack.

Mevely317 said...

I don't know if old friends are the BEST friends ... but I really dislike loose ends and those pesky "whatever happened to ...." ideas that arise.

That's so neat the way in which Sherry re-discovered Ron and Sylvia, and to break bread with them. :)

In the last 6 months - thanks to Facebook - I've had occasion to rediscover and reconnect with a handsome little chap I remembered from 2nd grade, as well as my freshman year roommate at college. Feels good, doesn't it?

Unknown said...

I'm just glad y'all are having fun! :-)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Going to church when you are traveling, most would never meet up with an old friend the way you did. How amazing that an old friend would be pastoring a church nearby to you. It must be frustrating not finding the pictures you want, but still you had some great ones to share. You all have so many friends all over due to the traveling you do. I just spent almost an hour looking for a pictureI wanted to put in a post but did finally find it.

salemslot9 said...

when I do
see an old house
like the one pictured
I do wonder
who lived there
what happened...