Monday, September 7, 2015


I was raised believing it’s a good thing to be charitable. Of course church was the top ‘worthy’ cause in our family. Much of my dad’s salary from a church went directly back into that church.


Multi-millionaires ministers surprise me. My dad passed with less than $1000 and a car we had given him. That was the ‘minister’ I knew.

There are many ways for a minister to become wealthy. The number one is asking for donations, etc. The main vehicle to wealth is to write a successful book(s). If one could sell a million copies via TV/Radio and clear $4+ a book, you can see how that would mount up. One exception here  is Rick Warren, who  totaled the amount of money he had received from the church paid that amount back, and now accepts no salary. Rick sold 30 million copies of one book.

Qualifier: I AM not saying all TV ministers are crooks but most are rich.

Then we have those who start a charity and use 80% as salary & expenses. The FTC considers 25-35% admin costs, reasonable (Not I).


From an article by Jason Notte of The

Earlier this year, the Federal Trade Commission noted that about $187 million in donations went to a group of four cancer charities that were nothing but a slush fund for one family. The FTC says that 97 percent of donations were used by family members to pay for cars, gym memberships, luxury cruises, college tuition and high-salary jobs for other family members.

 The Cancer Fund of America and Cancer Support Services in Knoxville, Tennessee

The Breast Cancer Society in Mesa, Arizona Children's Cancer Fund of America in Powell, Tennessee.

The family binged on money that other charitable organizations could have put to good use.

**********************************************It is sick to use ‘Children’ or the nasty word ‘Cancer’ to bilk money from giving folk. Checking-out a charity is wise.

I shouldn’t have started this, I am amazed in researching at how many charities there are in the USA, and Thousands do a tremendous job. Americans are giving people. But the rotten apples will turn your stomach.

At one time I was so gullible I thought the CEO of charities i.e. The Red Cross (etc), were good hearted wealthy folk donating their time like  Mary Doe down at the street level. But these folk take home over $500,000 a year. (I am told they earn it, but it would be nice of them to say I will donate my time, like a bell ringer. )  Winking smile 



There are thousands of good charities.


Now I thank you for your time once again, I am off.

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PS: I am looking forward to selling a million copies of a book. AAA - CopyAAAAAAAAAA - Copy


1973 automobiles,  they aren’t looking so much like antiques now, are they?


Ahhhh, remember  THE THING by VW



Mevely317 said...

Wow. There've been more than a few times I wanted to write about this very subject ... but you've said it far more eloquently.

Before my workplace was taken over by the Giant Corporation, we partnered with the American Cancer Society - providing complimentary lodging for those patients and their caregivers who might otherwise forego travelling for treatment due to the cost of lodging. None of us were left untouched by these folks' stories ... their gratitude and, in a few cases, the friendships that developed.
UNfortunately, as the GM's assistant, I became privy to the despicable, behind-the-scenes politics that went on at ACS and, for instance, how they chose who would benefit.
That may not be the case everywhere, but it's left a nasty taste in my mouth.

I've not a lot of discretionary dollars, but these days I'm more prone to donate directly to a 'Go Fund Me' movement on Facebook or a non-profit.

Sorry to have used your stage as a soapbox there! Hope y'all are having a great day!

betty said...

When charities would call for donations, I would ask them how much money the charity actually got from the donation I gave. It was surprising some was only about 12%. I carefully consider where my donations will go, but usually go to local homeless organizations or rescue missions after of course the tithe to church. Said it before but it bears repeating. Went to Rick Warren's church for about 3-4 months. He is so down to earth and at the time was driving a at least 7-8 year old car and living in their home they had bought even before he wrote a Purpose Driven Life.


Back Porch Writer said...

Well, I know that I know so many people that are having a tough time right now in so many ways. Most of us can just look around. Still even when giving directly to someone you know needs it, will they use it wisely. I think we pray first when giving and pray that God helps us to send it where it will be best used. Good subject. Good entry. It's amazing how much the CEO's make at these agencies. But I know when people give that their heart is always in the right place and people often just don't know where their money is going. My daughter is sponsoring a child overseas - at quite a litte sum per month for her. And I wonder if the child is really getting it. I hope so. My daughter gets a letter from the child translated about once per quarter. And gets a report on her. Anyway, hope you all are doing well!

Paula said...

I got fed up with the calls and the bugging so now I only donate to a lady I know who is down and out as they say and has cancer. I know who gets the money and know that she needs it. Of course I donate to the church.

Lisa said...

I do not give money to charity. I will give my tithe every week to church. I once crocheted 50 baby hats and donated them to a hospital/orphanage in Honduras. Never heard back from the group that took them down there for me. Im sure they were given and put to use but would have loved to know if they were appreciated. Anywho, Id rather give items instead of money. I agree, most are about greed but there are some good one out there.

Always research

shirl72 said...

I don't donate to any charity because you never know what they do with the money. When a person needs help I will help them in person. You know the person you help and makes you feel good..

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I was glad to see one of my favorites listed there. St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Most of the time my charity donation does go to my church though, we have a Helping Hands ministry for the poor.

Rick Watson said...

You touched a nerve with this one Jack. I think some of the big TV evangelists have done more to harm religion than help.
That's not to say there aren't ones that walk the walk. Billy Graham comes to mind.
Salvation Army seems to be one of the charities that does things right.