Monday, February 6, 2017

Fears and things we do not like

Even animals are not alike. Dogs of the same pedigree, one may be afraid of thunder and run under a bed and quiver. When another will not be phased.

Using that situation, looking at humans. Lisa mentioned on her blog that her daughter did not like peas. We have grand children who do not like peas.  That amazes me because I think peas are the best veggie with chicken.

 (Here is Sonny and Colette walking at Kill Devil Hill, NC site of the first manned flight in the US!

I love to fly commercially.  Sherry on the other hand doesn’t enjoy flying at all.  I even feel badly now because we used to fly our grand kids out from Utah every year, now that one is older he tells me he has always had a severe fear of flying. Who knew?

I do not care for ‘soft or mushy fruit’. I prefer my apples to crack when I bite into them. Persimmons? I can eat them but they are not my favorite fruit. Sherry and my sister Kat Loved them.  In the woods they could spot a persimmon tree a half mile away methinks.Shirl and Sherry like figs, definitely  not my favorite.

I loved this statue in honor of all the men of the sea in Maine.

Lately I have learned something about two friends that was hard for me to believe.  Both are seniors.  One has a fear of boating and water. The other cannot eat chicken without throwing up.  Both Phobias are from an incident they remember from their childhood.

Most everyone (who knows me) knows that I do not understand why there is any Ice Cream flavor other than Butter Pecan (Maybe Maple Ice Cream). With a taste like that, why would anyone want 39 flavors?????  LOL

My dad despised bananas. The smell got to him. Once he ate a great piece of cake, loved it. That was until told it was banana. He ran and threw up.

Fear of being locked up publicly (Williamsburg VA) 
In reference to the Bladder below, wonder how the men handled that in stocks?

Lately I have developed a fear of long winded preachers, My bladder starts to  pray for a closing.

Does anything in particular bother you?

Nite Shipslog.

 1958 Ford (Possibly built in Canada )


betty said...

Tightly closed spaces get to me, LOL. Like elevators. Any place I can't escape readily from. That would include a plane, LOL :)

Of our two kids, one didn't like green beans and the other didn't like peas. My problem is I like everything (and my weight shows that :)


Paula said...

As a child I hated peas. We called them English Peas. I remember once at my Grandma's house I had peas on my plate and didn't want to eat them. My Mama was trying to insist and I remember my Granma told her to not make me eat them so she didn't. Funny that silly thing would stick in my mind. Now I love pea salad. Peas, drained, chopped onion, pimento (sp?), and Miracle Whip and black pepper.


My dad hated and feared chicken said he could taste the feathers from when he had to butcher them.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't think I have any fears or phobias but do get dizzy climbing the step ladder here, yet when I'm in a plane, I don't get dizzy at that height. I love peas and always have. Strange how fears develop.

Lisa said...

I have a fear of falling. Not heights, but falling. So I have no problem being up high, its getting down that freaks me out. This also includes bridges. I have always had bad dreams of bridges falling therefore im not a fan. foods? hmmmm I can eat all foods but I have a problem with frog legs.

A crisp apple is my favorite too.

Mevely317 said...

Ha! Tom refers to all peas - English or otherwise - as 'evil'!
On the other hand, I reserve that term for raisins, cherries and oranges.

My long ago BFF and I used to joke (that) we could never take a vacation together -- she loved to fly (I'm terminally reluctant) but had a huge fear of being on the water. 'Think I've mentioned before, I would LOVE to live aboard a sea-going vessel.

Differences sure make the world go round!

shirl72 said...

I don't mind flying...Jim had to fly all the time. One time he called me from
Tenn. and said I will be late arriving. When they pressurised the plane the exit door flew off so that had to fix that.

Speaking of Utah..I remember when we all flew to Utah I think it was about 9..we had a good time.

Dar said...

It's been 40some yrs. since I've flown and don't really care for it. There isn't much I won't eat...but could leave oysters alone. Bill hates rice. He said he had it for practically every meal as a kid. His older brother agreed.
One of the boys doesn't like mushrooms, another chokes on butter and cheese. What's wrong with them? Bill cannot be around when chickens are butchered but he has no problem processing large stock like beef, pork or deer...go figure.
His dad said a Bantee' Rooster attacked him once as a kid. that would do it for me too. Phobias are a wonder.......oh, can't stand spiders.
Distance hugs as my horrible cold turned into bronchitis...meds don't seem to be working. So it goes up north in this cold weather we choose to live in.