Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It pays to listen..

WE had visitors today and entertained in our guest house. We had a great time. Of course being the kid of the crowd I did listen.  Well when I wasn't running my mouth. LOL 
I went shopping night before last at Amazon. The stuff was delivered today, while we all were at Perkins for lunch.  Well Evelyn, Don and I had breakfast, I had a mushroom and Swiss omelet and pancakes. Mmmm good.

Anyway when we got back Sherry had baked a very good lemon pie (Mr. Edwards in the freezer section at the store helped). Along with coffee we had dessert.

I had ordered two folding tables for the motor home and I opened the box and we made use them.

But what I was particularly interested in was the trail camera I ordered. I plan to use it as a security camera when we are gone. I won't get bears, deer etc like Dar, Bill and the folks in the North woods get,but I might get squirrels, cats and dogs. LOL (maybe a skunk).

I opened it and Don looked at it and gave me some information I hadn't thought about. They live in the country, he and his son have several. He mentioned they had both had problems with ants bedding down in them. I had not thought of that, so I will try to get something that will deter squirrels and ants from using the camera while we are gone.

No matter how old you are, there is something you can learn.

We had rain most of the day, but the visit with Don, Evelyn, Roy and Shelby, was great. They are all from North Carolina. It was a pleasure to have them over.

Good friends are hard to beat!

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Lisa said...

Sounds like another wonderful day with friends. Cant wait to see what you catch on that camera. I went shopping at Amazon too. Sorry I didnt see you. Haha. I stopped by ebay too.

Keep laughing

betty said...

Can't beat the special time with friends! Glad you enjoyed the time you did with your friends. If Perkins is the same chain of restaurants that they had in Montana, I do agree their pancakes are the best (and I have 10 pounds of extra weight to prove that :)

Sounds like a delightful day!


Glenda said...

A good friend who is a contractor just advised that he was informed by an animal control officer that Contractor or Professional strength ammonia will repel rodents, ants etc. (found it at ACE hardware)
Great entry, made myself a note to get a backing up camera (really need one of those) and it's always fun to hear your anecdotes!!! Hugs from Chobee, moving soon will send you greetings from the beach this time next week :)

Paula said...

Those cameras can be very interesting. I've rode on the four wheeler with Lynda, my daughter, to check hers on her ranch at Medina, Texas. I'll be interested to hear what you see on yours.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It does pay to listen and get advice from others. I've had many times to be thankful for others thoughts and words. Who would think ants would like camera's...not I. It is great to have the company of good friends!

Dar said...

You were blessed with a visit from Don and Evelyn. Do they live far from you?
My memory is escaping me again but I know your friendship has been a long one.
Pancakes AND an omelet.......and pie. I'm hungry.
We have never had trouble with ants or squirrels but then it might be location. We have, however, had bears noses smear the lens several times. It's usually those curious cubs. lol We have captured pictures of everything from the grand Bald Eagle in close flight to bear, many deer, all the little critters of the north woods and even a wolverine and huge bobcats. We do love our cameras tho I know yours will serve a different and wise purpose.
Holler if you need some tips.
love n' hugs from up north where we are awaiting our huge storm of late winter. We're supposed to get slammed but we can take it.


The camera and what it finds will be interesting for sure. It's nice to have friendly get togethers with those you love.

Jean said...

I use Amazon a lot now since I can't get out shopping like I once did. I've been thinking about getting a camera to keep a watch out on Grover when I have to leave him alone for a while. They say you can keep watch on your smart phone. It's nice to have friends over for a visit and pie and coffee sound so good. Take care. Jean

2023 said...

Omelet with cheese, pancakes & pie. Are you still losing weight, Mr. Half A Biscuit with Jelly :)? You listen, you care, you seem to LIVE the best way you know how.

Mevely317 said...

Trail cameras? Gosh, I must be living an awfully-sheltered life!

Breakfast for lunch ... or dinner ... or late night ALWAYS sounds yummy. Given your company, I'll bet your omelet even tasted better. :) Life is good.