Monday, February 20, 2017

Most of my days are good. (some are great)

The Days when I read the news on the net and start to get down, I chide myself and realize I cannot solve the immigration problem. I cannot guarantee rights to any one. I can’t even hire nor fire anyone anymore. Then I start to realize, hey, I can go out and play in my shop, work in the yard because I am not expecting a call from my senator asking my advice. Mr. Obama is not going to call and ask my advice on his future. My call from President Trump is not due for a while.

Sooooo, I am as free as a bird. I realize there is no reason for stress here. My life is actually care free.

Yesterday ‘B’ stopped our car as we drove in from the grocery store to welcome us back, he was walking his dog. We put the groceries up and started our walk. Sherry and I were brightened right away on our walk. Chad, the Scrapper down the street said welcome back. Joe, from Wisconsin, on his porch across the street, yelled welcome back. Immediately Jim across the street from England, popped out in his shorts to yell good to see you back (I love that English accent). He is the oldest guy on the street. Most of the folks are youngsters.

About a mile into our walk we met Miguel and his son riding bikes, they waved wildly like they were glad to see the old folk.

I chose today to install a hose rack by the front outside faucet. I looked down the street and Jim was out. I dropped everything to go talk. I love the accent as I said. I asked about his health and that of his wife. He is doing well for nearing 90. But his wife turns 82 next week and is not in great health. They have been in the states for over 65 years.

He is taking his wife home to England. Dementia has set in. We talked quite a while. I left Jim saying to myself, ‘Jack you are so stinking lucky!”  I thought that over and over as I completed my self-assigned tasks.

Today was exceptionally nice. I heard from my friend Hank up in Charlotte, always a feel good moment. Then a message from a guy I used work with in the USN. Heck, some of my days are GREAT.

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Glad you had a GREAT day visiting with your neighbors. Life is good.

Lisa said...

Sounds like a really nice day. Its great to have such nice people in the area. Im sure they all think you and sherry are the best too. Whats not to love about you two.


Paula said...

Happy you and Sherry had a nice day. We did too, we drove,( well I have to do all the driving now) to San Antonio to eat at Golden Corral. Looked around our favorite thrift store, bought a blouse (cute and almost new) and an ice cream scoop, then back home.

betty said...

Sounds like such a lovely neighborhood you and Sherry live in! To know the neighbors and know that all are watching out for each other!! That's great in the short time you have lived there :) I feel for Jim taking his wife home to England. After 60 plus years in the states, you would think that would be home for them. What a journey that is going to be for the two of them.

Glad it was a great day for you!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is absolutely GREAT to have days like that one! It would be nice if every day was so. We cannot let the world's problems drag us down, but we do need to appreciate and enjoy what we have. Hope today is another great one, but if not...remember every day may not be a good one, but there is something good in every day if we look for it ! It's to be 60 in Ohio today ! Unbelievable weather for February !

Dar said...

Glad you had such a wonderful greeting from your new neighborhood. You two are so blessed. Things are looking up around here as well...can't fix world problems but sure can work on our own. Bill is working very hard at keeping his eyesight in his only eye left and I'm so proud of him. Life is good.
Hugs from up north. It's in the 50's again, most the snow got washed away by the rain and we are happy, happy!!!!

Mevely317 said...

Who'd have guessed, not only did you discover the 'right' little home, but amazing, caring neighbors!
That's so neat that neighbors like yours still exist.
... but now that you mention it, I hope Tom and I can find our own little spot in the sun one of these days. (I've just about had it with 'big city' living.)