Thursday, February 9, 2017

You may be offended, language warning

First a question, unrelated to the topic. Are there things you cannot throw away or destroy because of a mental Block?

What to do with OLD Bibles?

Cousin Ken (lived in Saudi for awhile) says that when found by Customs a Bible is thrown in the trash. That is hard.
 Old, worn USA flags?  Veterans Organizations have ceremonies and burn them, I guess it is considered like CREMATION!

Family Pictures? Even if they are on Three media devices, I cannot bring myself to destroy them.

Books?  We recycle at RV libraries or friends.

A sign on a farmers fence brought to mind this joke:

Mr. Rabbit was delivering manure to Mr. Buzzard. He knocked on the door and Mrs. Buzzard answered the door.  Mrs. Buzzard being a hi-fluting lady said. “Mr. Buz ZARD if out in the YARD.”

To which Mr. Rabbit said, “Well please inform Mr. BuzZARD that Mr. RabBIT. Is here with the $--T!

(Okay that was my childhood joke, kids’ stuff.) 

NOW TO THE SUBJECT (and facts):

 I have had cataract surgery, my eye sight is good. On the last trip to Peace River I spied a sign I could not believe. Professionally painted, letters at least 3 feet high advertising a product for sale.

Now After reading that sign, Imma thinking WHAT? Then to Sherry, “I never knew there was a market for that! What could it be used for other than research?”

“What is that honey?”

“That sign back there, in big letters it said, “PISS FOR SALE”.  All my life I have known manure sales, but not Pee!”

The argument discussion ensued, but I am right (we men always are, it is our superior nature. I have heard some 'unlearned folk' use the wrong term STUBBORN)

·       As nice as she could say it without insulting me, she said, “Honey, ARE YOU BLIND? I saw the sign, I couldn’t miss it. It said in big red letters. PIGS FOR SALE.”

·       (She didn’t say ‘ARE YOU BLIND’ but I knew what she meant!  LOL)

Being right, I relooked at the sign in my mind, “NO HONEY, it said as plain as day, “PISS for SALE”. 

I am researching the use of PEE. I know I am RIGHT!  LOL

Friend Dallas just drove by the sign on the way to Peace River. He will back me up on this. We were Jarheads together, one for all and all for one type of thing.  (Even if he has to lie, he had better back me!  LOL)

Nite Shipslog

PS: Just so you won’t think a divorce is in the future, WE did have a great laugh at her mis-reading the sign! LOL

 1912 Alfonza
 1912 Delahaye
1912 Sunbeam


Glenda said...

Ha Ha Ha :)

Lisa said...

Im with Sherry until I see proof.
And if you are right, and he was sold out, would that make him "piss poor"?

Heading to google

Mevely317 said...

You're on a roll, Mr. Jack. Yes, you are! (giggle)

Like I just commented on Rick's post - yes, there are definitely some inanimate things I can't bear to part with. Others might consider me 'weird', but they make my heart happy. (So there!)

Jean said...

I'm completely worn out and I needed that laugh. Lol. Jean

betty said...

I have downsized family pictures. When the kids were young, I must have taken 100 pictures of them sleeping, learning to walk, etc. In looking back, a few was enough to capture the moment, the rest got shredded :) I do have my old Bible that is marked up, pages torn, etc. I can't part with it. So much of my growing in faith is spent reading that Bible.

LOL with the sign; a good laugh for a good day!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have way too much of everything. I am having trouble getting rid of a lot of things and must do it but can't seem too. I'm going to have to be ruthless, but the tears will flow....Thanks for keeping us laughing , but I'm not so sure who saw what or what to believe!


very funny.

Unknown said...

Well, I know what you mean about the discussions. I recently saw a sign on a Hershey's Ice Cream truck that read, "Hershey's Ice Cream is not affiliated with Hershey's chocolate."
That led to a couple of discussions.
The internet is a marvelous thing for solving disputes.
You might even see the sign on Google Maps Street View.

Dar said...

Like yourself, I have a hard time too, parting with family pictures, family heirlooms, etc. If the house were to burn to the ground tonight, No one could take my memories., not so long as I can still remember, that is.
Gotta say, I love the Alfonza just for my man and me. Sweet cars.
Hugs from up north. Warm air moved in, the guys are busy finishing a logging job before the roads break up. Have a great weekend.