Wednesday, August 16, 2017



The best place to be when you're sad is Grandma's lap.
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My mother NEVER grew nor cooked Carrots
I never thought of it, so I never asked her.  Now I am wondering how many folks raised in the south ate carrots?  I think one reason was, you did not cook the greens. Of course they raised potatoes and you didn’t eat the greens.
(Remaining pictures are from tonight's walk) 
                            (Canadian geese in the distance)

I don’t know why, but carrots are one of my favorite snacks. I am eating a couple now.  I have started dipping the end in Ranch dressing for the first time in my life. I sorta like it. It does add calories however.

                       (We can barely see the outer islands)

Can you eat too many carrots?  I just used two BIG ones in the Stew beef I fixed for supper.  Sherry said son Jack turned ‘orange’ from too much carrot juice.  Now you gotta squeeze a carrot very hard to get juice my friend. Imma thinking a glass of carrot juice would require squeezing ten pounds of carrots.

Now Turnips?  I love them raw or cooked.  Mama grew them because of the greens I am sure.  She could fix some turnips and greens.

We never had cauliflower or broccoli. I would bet my mama had never heard of it.  They do grow both in Georgia now, but not near Toccoa. (LOL)

Our greens were turnip, Collards and cabbage. My mama could fix some REAL collards.  LOL

I just had a slice of cheese and crackers. Since there were a couple (?) crackers left and a little Ranch Dressing left, what the hey, crackers and ranch! (Not as good as cheese and crackers but….. you do have to nibble the cracker to fit the curvature of the little bowl!)

So this was a snack blog. You do what you have to do in this world. We all snack, RIGHT?

Nite Shipslog
 Mr Rabbit was waiting for that carrot when we returned.
1939 LaSalle Convertible.  A cool car for 1939 (My birth year)


Chatty Crone said...

Hey I think any veggies are good for you. I had a juicer and we juice all this - you would be surprised how much sweet juice is in carrots. If you drink a lot your hands do turn orangish. I need to go back to doing that - I need to have more - so good for you!

Paula said...

I get a hankering for carrots sometime and I like them raw better then cooked and dipped in ranch dressing.

Mevely317 said...

I love carrots ... but they've got to be cooked. My Caraleigh and her littermates were fed raw carrots as babies, and for all her life, that was her favorite thing in the world.

I don't recall ever having tasted a turnip. Ranch dressing rocks! I can imagine it might even make liver palatable!

betty said...

How cute with your little rabbit friend :) When son was a baby and eating baby food from jars, he liked sweet potatoes and carrots. He did turn orange after a bit (we switched to more of a variety, LOL).

Who can resist carrots and ranch dressing! A favorite snack loved by a lot of people!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Carrots are good! I love to dip them in peanut butter. I also love them cooked in just about anything or by themselves. I'm sure your stew is going to be delicious! Nice you have a rabbit close to home there...I have several here too, but am not feeding them. Between you and Sherry it always sounds like good eating at your house.

Lisa said...

I've only tasted a radish once and phewwweeee. I can only eat carrots drowned in ranch dressing or chopped in a salad. Not my favorite veggie. However, I love the sweet caramelized ones you get on a plate of Japanese food. Cheese and crackers sound good. Try a Ritz with a dill pickle chip on top. Now that's good.

I love snacking!


love raw cauliflower as a snack. carrots are ok, but not a big fan.