Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sex On The Road, new book, very short

Adults have learned about OLD:

Whether the house we live in
is 300 or 3,000 or 30,000 sq. ft. - -
the loneliness is the same.

Tonight, just a friendly entry, no complaining nor fussing, Soooo

"Sex on the Road" WAS the title of my new book, but Sherry poo poo’d it (Can you  imagine that, and no she isn't pregnant!). So the name of the book is now: ‘Our RV Life’.  I have tried to be productive here on the Eastern Shore. ;-)  So I dug up an old manuscript and tried to update it and make it work.  It will need a lot of work but I think folks interested in the RV life will like it.

Speaking of productive, my friend Dallas, you know, the smart guy in my novels.  Well the books may be Fiction, but with the help of his young wife Marion, he is pretty smart.  He has had about as many occupations as I, but his chosen profession was herding turkeys (okay raising them).  Well we were able to visit them at their ‘stationary part time home’ in Chincoteague, Virginia on up the Eastern Shore.

They took us a neat guided tour of Chincoteague. That is the home of the wild ponies and the saltwater cowboys.  We did get to see some of the wild ponies, tour the welcome center, light house of that National Park, and see the beach.  

The beach is free of any commercial, tourist establishments. Honest, there is not even an ice cream stand now bar to be seen. Just thousands of folks soaking up the sun and enjoying the salt water.

To be honest what I hear is:  Chic-o-T.  With my hearing, I really cannot tell. The place is a tourist destination, therefore expensive.  Sales taxes are even higher just because ‘they can’. ;-)

Dallas and Marian are very dear to us because they were our first ‘real friends’ as young marrieds. Both couples lived in the Camp Geiger Trailer Park just off the base.  Young married life is wonderful. Learning and sharing with each other and new friends.  We have remained writing, calling and sometimes visiting friends for over 61 years.

Dallas and I were on Parris Island together in JANUARY 1956, WE MET THE SAND FLEAS at 'Pleasure Island' about the same time.  LOL

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Mevely317 said...

Gotta say, "Sex on the Road" would sure be an attention getter!

I remember reading about the wild ponies; nice that protected area still exists!

Sand fleas? I recall making their acquaintance on a beach at the Dominican Republic years ago. We didn't realize what had happened until hours later back aboard ship. :(

You sound happy. :)))

Lisa said...

Ok, You had me there for a minute. I think I even shhhhd Nick a second so I could read this!
Short story? Im laughing my head off over here!
I mean you do pull your bed around with you everywhere you go!
Yep you lost me at the title.

Just listen to Sherry

betty said...

It intrigued me to see the title of your blog entry tonight. Could be a best seller with a title like that! Good luck with it!



An interesting title for sure. Definitely an attention getter. Glad you got to see Chincoteague. We were there last year.

Paula said...

Listen to Sherry, she knows best. Bet that title would get a lot of attention. It's great to have long time friends like that. I have some too and some are even people who rented from us.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Very frustrating doing a comment and have it disappear but I'm trying. I agree, it's a good thing you have Sherry to keep you on an even keel there! So wonderful to hear about your long lasting friends. They are a rare find theses days!

Unknown said...

It's great that you got to see the wild ponies on Chincoteague. As a youngster, I read the book, Misty of Chincoteague . I hope to see the wild ponies along the NC Outer Banks someday.

Dar said...

Oh how my daughter Darcie would love to see the wild ponies. She's so ' in tune ' with horses that she'd probably have them following her in no time. She spent the weekend filming hundreds of horses at the MN State Fair. She loves taking pictures of horses over people because they don't talk back, she says. lol I'm so glad you got to see the horses, the island tour with special long time friends and even reclaim the idea for your new book. Behave and listen to your lovely bride.
love n' hugs from up north where the humidity is putting the k'bash on my sinuses...Mmm aww th'tuffed up!!!!