Tuesday, August 22, 2017

PRESENT DANGERS that irritate me.

Adults have learned about OLD:
***Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.
***Forget the health food. I need all the preservatives I can get

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To quote our friend Myra: She might try turnips one day, BUT most importantly she said : "...someday I hope to see an alliance of the two most powerful nations in the world." 

Some folk are not old enough to remember the “COLD WAR”. Some have forgotten the fear continually put out about world destruction.  I am not saying that was impossible, because IT WAS POSSIBLE, but like the Civil War here at home I think wise men should have been able to settle differences. Many Russians are still alive to know what WAR is like on their home turf. 
             (below is a picture of Stalingrad early WWII)

I would bet the average Russian does not want war, nor threats.  NO one is still alive in the USA that can remember massive terror and death here on our turf, but it did happen.

From my chair, I see our own congressmen who SEEM to be pushing for a NEW COLD WAR.  I remember it. I remember the Berlin Wall, The Iron Curtain. I hear men who KNOW that and still are willing to PUSH, not talk.

No, I do not believe in giving away the farm, I am former military. BUT I also visit VA hospitals. I see the men and women who were terrible injured. Missing limbs, eyes and terribly burned, because some politicians cannot be statesmen. I Know at times it cannot be avoided. And Sure, I have a political party, but I am speaking about all sides, from the President on down thru congress and the Supreme Court.  Be statesmen.

I come close to tears when I see public statues, monuments and places sacred to some citizens defaced by other citizens. Doesn’t anyone understand all that is null and void if we get to the point of trading rockets with Russia or China?

(remember this destruction came from first generation A-Bombs  72 years ago, try to imagine today!)

One nuclear bomb on DC and NO ONE will be worried about what is inscribed on the Public government buildings or carved into mountains. The Old warriors on horses, the sacred burial grounds of our heroes all will be gone along with life as we know it.

Okay I will get off my soapbox, but our way of life has been cramped badly enough with terrorism. I can remember when MOST families had family members off in a WORLD WAR. I remember hearing my mama praying for her sons, brothers & family during the night.

  Most essentials were rationed. You could not buy tires for cars. EVERYONE’s gas was limited. I do not want to see that again in my life time nor my grandkids.

Yeah I am silly, I can’t see the real social problems, but I still think it is stupid to get into a pi$$ing contest with Russia.

Maybe there is no serious problem abroad, Maybe it is just as simple as removing some statues... Maybe I’m jousting at windmills…………………..  But, but….  
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jack69 said...

Defacing a sculpture is destroying ART. We've done it, we've burned books, we have outlawed 'theories', refused to allow them to be taught in school, isn't it time we GREW UP! :-(

Lisa said...

Well said Jack...let it out! Reading this brought a tear to my eyes. Its a disgrace how people are acting. We all need to be protecting each other and stand with authorites, not against them. Things will get worst.

Im thankful for you.

Chatty Crone said...

Yes Jack it is time we grew up - problem is people like us have - it is the other group to whom I don't understand at all.

Why do they want to ruin America?

I love you paraphernalia.

**Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional. Llike this too.



It is sad that people want to rewrite history. It should stand alone, good or bad, so we learn lessons from it.

Mevely317 said...

Great perspective, Jack!
I'm so weary of the misplaced fury and destruction ... especially the media fanning the fire, so to speak. President Trump is about to speak (here in Phoenix) in a few minutes and the local stations have been live on the air since 4PM ... talking to the protestors and showing where they've spray-painted Jefferson Davis' memorial and others. I grew so sick I had to get up and leave the room.

PS - I wasn't around in '45, but ya. Growing up in the 'birthplace of the bomb', I've a healthy respect for the power at our leaders' fingertips.

Paula said...

Wow! Jack this is a powerful post. I don't even know anything to add. I have so many memories of how it was with war going on.

betty said...

I think that's why I don't watch/read much news these days. I just don't really want to see all that is going on, although I know of the great impact war/cold or otherwise can have on a country, the world for that matter. I mentioned it on some blog, perhaps yours? But Montana has a great big area commiserating The Battle of Little Big Horn" and last thing I remember in history, the US lost. Its history. Same thing as having a statue up marking a person or event at another time in history. Perhaps seeing it on view or visiting it might pique the curiosity of a young child to ask questions, learn more, and perhaps be a teachable moment that helps promote peace over violence. Or maybe I'm a dreamer.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I pray for peace in the world everyday. To much fighting is done needlessly and too many have lost their homes, lives, health and families to war. It's all about power. Games people play that mean life or death. We could just all agree to disagree and shake hands. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs, but they don't have to make war over them.