Thursday, August 31, 2017

Wet Carpet

Learning curve as you age:
The one who loves you will never leave you because, even
if there are 100 reasons to give up, he or she will
find one reason to hold on. (that is my girl)

Wet floors……
My life has changed in the last few years. A few years ago I could not hear, day or night. NOW at night when I take my cochlear implant devices off, I hear nothing.  It is a strange thing for a person who has 'heard sounds' to all of a sudden hear NOTHING.  At this time I am running a fan to dry the floor. We had water come in from the slide out when we brought it in, in the rain.  Leaving the Eastern Shore I had to disconnect the shore power, water and sewer in the rain, so I brought in water. Now our living room carpet is still wet. Sherry suggested I remove my devices since she was going to bed and I was staying here and would not hear the fan as it dried the floor.
(the little double squirrel cage is pretty quiet, but still makes a noise.)

I am not complaining about wet floors.  I've seen pictures of Houston.

 I spent an hour with a wet/dry vac to get the worst out. The fan is finishing the job.

It is just an incident that happens when you live in an RV and you must move while it is raining.  Thank goodness it happens very seldom.

But that is not the reason for the blog. I am completely deaf without my devices. Of course I was well aware of this. My Doctor took pains to explain I was gambling. Sometimes the Cochlear Implants do not work. Of course I was in the winning percentage, because most implants in my situation work. But she stressed it may not work. With stem cell medical technology my Cochlear(s) in the future might be fixed.  But at my age, I would not be a candidate. I am just glad I can hear with my implants.

After 60+ years of marriage I have been asked if I am going to renew my vows. I always say No way.  This is the reason:

Side note, that little fan was given to me when I was in construction by my best friend Sonny. It has been used to ventilate close spaces and to cool storage buildings. I love that little double squirrel cage fan. Some gifts just keep on giving, and renewing GOOD memories.

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Rick Watson said...

This is something I've really needed. I thought about you today when I was cutting grass. I love cutting the fields behind our house, I love the smell of lawn and the sounds. I remembered that you once couldn't hear and I thought how "not hearing" would impact my life. I couldn't imagine.
I'm so glad the implants work for you.
Good post tonight.
Also, your blog post appeared in my email for the first time in months. I'm not sure what changed, but it did.
I usually comment on my iPad which makes commenting easy. But it's having issues right now so I'm having to comment on my phone which makes me log in each time I leave a comment. It drives me crazy.
I've got to do a better job commenting on my blog buddies' posts.

Woody said...

We put our Pop-Up down once during a rain storm we got caught in, took weeks to dry it out as we really got pounded with rain ! Not much What's that Old Saying, "Into each life, a little rain must fall" !!! Take it easy down there !!! sending our Best Regards!!! Gary & Anna Mae

betty said...

I never felt the need to have to renew our vows. I remember saying them back in 1980. I remember what we both vowed. No need to repeat them or renew them. Trying to live them the best we can :)

I do like that fan.

We've had a few wet carpets over the years and hubby basically does the same thing you do to get things drying.


Unknown said...

The two cartoons were funny. They made ME laugh.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Nice you have that gift that keeps on giving. Those kind are the best ! Hope you dry out soon! I had a leak in my camper once but it wasn't discover till the floor boards got soft and then a whole lot of work had to be done. But you are right, it was nothing compared to what that hurricane has done. It'll take a lot of fans to dry that out.

Unknown said...

I love the caption on the old VW pic!

Lisa said...

How in the world did you bring in that much water? Geeez Jack!
Glad your gettin it dried out though.
Speaking of ears, after over a year of tinnitus, its gotten better! How? Well, I dont tell anyone usually because noone would believe me, but the doc put me on prilosec for acid reflux (which isnt working for my chest pains by the way) , but since I have been taking it, my ear ringing and pressure has disappeared! Im so excited and releaved that I continue taking Priclosec incase thats whats really made it go away. Weird, I know.
I know you would marry Sherry again! Nick said he would marry me again. We plan to do it maybe on our 30th anniversary. It will be on the beach and sweet. It will be the begining of a new phase. I cant wait.

Heading to church


hope you get the floors dry. sounds messy to me.

Unknown said...

Trying to live them the best we can :)