Saturday, August 12, 2017

Lost Mail another lesson

Little known facts:

#26      There is actually a town in Michigan called “Hell“. (I wonder how far down the road from Detroit that is?)

#27       If you have no debt and also have 10 dollars in your are wealthier than 25 percent of all Americans.

      By the time an American child reaches the age of 18, that child will have seen approximately 40,000 murders on television.

So another of life’s lessons.
I have mentioned many times that we have a mail service and most of our mail goes there. Where ever we are, we call and have our mail delivered mostly General Delivery to the smaller post offices. Country Post Offices are the best. The most unique was in Alaska where one Postmaster was also a housewife and the Post Office was in her living room. The Office was closed during their meal times.

  When you go into a small town P.O. you get: “Oh so you are the Darnells, we were wondering about you!”  Then we talk about our lives and learn about theirs. It is interesting.

Some RV Parks will receive mail. Here they gladly accept mail.  I ordered a couple things from Amazon to repair the coach, they arrived on time with no problem.

As usual Sherry called for our Mail and gave them this address. Day 3, No mail!  Day 4 No mail. Sherry called and the mail forwarding service who says, "It was delivered according to our tracking number."

RV office declares it is not here. We went to the P.O. in Williamsburg. The postal folks were outstanding even at the wrong P.O. They printed out their tracking info and gave us the address for the correct P.O. The gentleman there was very nice. “Hold on, I will check exactly where the package was scanned upon delivery.”

Did you know when those numbers are scanned there is a built in GPS that gives the exact time and spot on earth where that scanner read the numbers?  I certainly did not.

In a few minutes the P.O. dude comes out with a printout map showing the RV Park mail box on Rochambeau Drive with the exact time of the scan (2 days ago). “Is that the RV Park Mail box?”  WOW!  Yes it was.

“Either the package was illegally taken out of the box, or misplaced on the way, or at the office.” 

Now I have six pages of information along with a picture. But still no mail.

Back to the RV Park  office. A new lady at the mailroom. I gave our name. In seconds she returned with our mail. I was smiling when I walked to the car. I had the mail! No I didn’t complain. I had the mail and WE had learned a lot. We also met some great folk at two post offices.

Another IMPORTANT lesson, tracking numbers are much more than I ever thought. So we will always request a tracking number. Good to know.

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jack69 said...

Our friends Don & Evelyn left the Postal Service a long time ago, just wanted them and others to know there are still some great folks who work there.


glad you got that straightened out and found your mail.

betty said...

It truly is amazing with the tracking numbers. Scary a bit too! Glad you did get the mail (eventually).


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The US mail is a wonder unto itself. When I moved I had mail forwarded and it took some time to get it right. For weeks I still received some mail at the old house, I know because it took so long to sell and we checked on the house everyday. The amazing part of it was the mail that came with my new address on it even though I had not yet let those folks know I'd moved. Even Social Security knew about my change of address before I let them know. There are those that complain about their service but not me. They are amazing in my books and do a great job! Eventually !

Mevely317 said...

I'm always floored when there's a pre-post story rattling around my head ... and someone writes about the same thing! :) Unfortunately, our experience wasn't as pleasant as yours, but I learned a valuable lesson.

'Wonder if too many folks rely too heavily on computer-generated tracking info and less on person-to-person communication. Lots of that going 'round these days.....

Dar said...

For the most part, we have not had problems with our mail. With so many of the smaller post offices closing or merging with another small town, a lot of our mail goes clean across the state and then jumps around a couple other sites before actually getting to us. Sometimes we get out dated fliers and even late's become a problem way up north but I still love getting an actual letter occasionally., rare now days.
Lots of missin' you two from up north where the weather is perfect, cool mornings, warm sunny days, but able to sit outside late in the evenings.

Lisa said...

The PO was not as friendly to us on time. We ordered a much needed and expensive college book for my duaghter once. We watched the tracking and waited by the door. It pinged "delivered". But not at our house. So we called the PO and they said it was delivered correctly and someone must have stolen it. Um No, Nick stayed home and waited for it for two days. So we went up to the PO and the postmaster got realy ugly with us and called us crazy and liers. We still never saw the book. She had to pay full price for a new one at the college bookstore.

Makes me mad thinking about it.