Sunday, August 13, 2017

Is there a better way?

…No matter how hard you try, you can't baptize cats…

A fact we are learning is most stores no longer sale the USA ATLAS.  We are old school. Although we have a GPS and Smart Phones, we like having a physical map.  I get a lot out of the location where we are headed in relation to places we have been.  I mentioned to Sherry, maybe you need a ‘tablet’(?). The ‘?’ is because we know nothing about electronic tablets.  Never had one, nor looked at one.

Thinking that direction I notice several commenters and bloggers here have tablets you use.  Do you like them in relation to the PC or Laptop?  What is the down side? 

Sherry said that is what she thinks she wants instead of another PC.  Part of that maybe the frustration of the VVEERRYY SSSLOWWWW internet here. I mean SSSSSLLLLOOOOWWWW! You can click a page and go to a card game and play most of it and click back to check and it is still ‘LOADING’.

Personally I will use the PC until I or they croak. I will most likely write another  book when a good idea hits me and I am not good at typing on a laptop.

Also if anyone here uses a device to get the internet other than a land line what do you  use and are you satisfied with it?

 We use the Verizon Card (or device) that uses its own telephone number to connect to the net.  We then feed that into the router to feed both computers. Most of the time it works fair, this is the worst we have had.
We are open to any advice…….
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Woody said...

We have AT & T for phone and internet up here in New York, when we go south we have a Verizon Hot Spot. we pay for the data we use with a Verizon Card, neither AT & T and Verizon work when we go into the mountains camping as there is large areas where there is NO CELL service up in Northern New York,, We flew homelast night, exhausted but glad to be home and Anna Maes Mother is on the mend . Take Care Gary

betty said...

I like my tablet (son's tablet that he gave to me but that's a long story for another day LOL) except I don't like typing on it so if I'm commenting on blogs using it, the comment will be very short (I'm on my desktop computer now so you'll get a longer comment, LOL). When first purchased, the tablet was considered a mobile device, has a telephone number and everything and it used the data as part of our Verizon cell phone plan (son is still on our plan and probably will be for life, LOL). I could access internet any time on the tablet like if I was in my car, hooked to a WIFI at a hotel, restaurant, home, etc. We fulfilled the contract time with Verizon and I don't really use the tablet outside of the home so I took it off the plan for Verizon to get Internet unless we could connect to a WIFI in order to reduce our bill a bit monthly. We get really good Internet (needed for my job) so I don't have a problem with slow downloads, etc., so unfortunately I can't help you with that possible solution. All I can say is I'm glad for GPS and Google maps. I am glad to get away from the paper maps. It was hard for me to read them as the navigator for my hubby the driver. I like a British person giving him directions on where to go and usually they are the right ones :)



had a tablet for a while but found it difficult to use, though alot of people like them. we just use our desktop computers and get cable internet. wish i could be of more help but can't. your circumstances are unique.

Jean said...

I have a laptop, Tablet and a desktop I don't use the desktop much anymore. I also use the tablet for reading books (the little times I get the chance to read) I have Kindle and Barns and Nobles on it, I have most of your books it works about the same as a Laptop. I use Mediacom internet and cable service for connection using a router with WI-FI not sure you can use this on the go, but all works online where there is a Wi-Fi connection. I'm not good at typing on the table or laptop top. Some tables come with a key board you can remove. Take care. Jean

Lisa said...

I was in limbo on what kind of computer to get once. But I decided on an iPad and I love it! The down fall is the key board is on the screen like a smart phone but you can get wireless keyboards to use if you wish.
Its all using apps like a smart phone too but you use the internet app (I downloaded google search) to search the web just like a computer.
I like the fact you dont have to worry about viruses.

From my iPad

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have a tablet but only use it for reading books. I do love my laptop computer. It's not a big one and is small enough to make it easy to take with me. I used to use your type of connection when I camped and being in the woods on top a hill I'd get slow connection too. It really depends on where you are. I don't think it would make a difference at all if you were connecting to a tablet or a computer. It'd be the same. As I have a smart phone, I'm familiar with using that type of keyboard and it would take me forever to do a blog post on one. I need my keyboard for doing that. As far as cats and water go...I do remember trying to give one a bath and quickly learned they do a good job of bathing themselves. I could brush them but not bathe them. Ha!

Dar said...

I'll take a map I can physically hold in my hands too. I like the Garmin but rarely use it unless going an unknown distance. As for tablets, the Grandloves all have them and love them...Parents do too because they don't worry about them getting viruses as Lisa stated. The older grands like Sy love reading books especially, and the youngsters play more games. Maybe check with Best Buy if you have one near, and ask those young adults their opinion. They are well versed on anything electronic as it's their world. lol :/
love n' hugs from our rainy north......the gardens need it and it gives us a day in the basement. Bill built me some pretty awesome pantry shelves that need filling while he scrubs the floor for painting.

Chatty Crone said...

Well I miss maps for sure. I want to 'see' things. I don't really have a GPS - well I guess on my phone. I like my desk computer. Hate laptops. I use Andy's Ipad once in awhile..I am not much help but glad to be back in touch! sandie

Lisa said...

Oh and another thing. Using an ipad, it uses data for everything unless you find a wifi connection somewhere. I always try to connect to free wifi at places Im around because I do not have "unlimited data".

confused yet?

Mevely317 said...

My attempts to type on my tablet (Amazon Fire) are frankly, comical. Plus, that awful "Auto Correct" feature wants to jump on ahead .... usually with its own train of thought.
I may lose our desktop PC someday, but you can bet your bootie, I'll find a way to hook up my FULL-SIZE keyboard to whatever device is at the ready.

Rick Watson said...

LIfe has changed since the days of the kindergarten pencil :)
All my devices have quirks.