Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cooking Chicken

Little known facts:
    The average supermarket in the United States wastes about 3,000 lbs of food each year.  Meanwhile, approximately 20 percent of the garbage that goes into our landfills is food.       
     According to one recent survey, 81 percent of Russians now have a negative view of the United States . That is much higher than at the end of the Cold War era.
    Montana has three times as many cows as it does people

My time to cook supper:

When we were working we shared the cooking. Of course sherry carried the heavier load, but one of my ‘specialties’ was meatloaf and canned biscuits. Even the boys liked it. I thought it was cool to spell our name on the top with ketchup before I baked it. LOL

But NOW, my hallmark is Chicken, gravy, rice with peas, onion, carrots and Jellied Cranberry sauce   (sometimes pickled beets).  It doesn’t sound special, but it is one of our favorites.  I always use the pressure cooker and leave it in about 3-5 extra minutes to make the bones soft enough to eat part of them.  The left overs make a very good Chicken and rice soup for another day.

I never fail to think of mama when we are eating chicken because Sherry and I both ‘gnaw’ the ends of the big bones and get some of the marrow.  I think of mama because of what I thought was an example of mother’s love. She always ate the wing(s) saying they were better than the rest of the chicken.  She too, ate the bones, so did Sherry’s mom.

I am sure (the wing thing) was partly so her family could have the pick of the rest of the chicken. And yes I know the wing is good, but there is not much chicken there  ;-) . Most folk like the breast and kids love the drum stick.                           Still in Virginia..
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Mevely317 said...

I never thought about gnawing on chicken bones!

Your ingredients are making me pretty hungry; but I'm gonna take the lazy lady's route and opt for scrambled eggs and sausage.

PS - 'Suspect you're right about your momma letting everyone else have the meatier pieces. I never have figured the popularity of these places that specialize in chicken wings.

betty said...

Your hallmark meal sounds very delicious!! I'm with Myra, I too don't know the popularity of those places that serve mainly chicken wings. So much work for so little meat. Moms have a way of saving the best for their family :)



your mamas saved the meatier pieces for the rest of the family. how sweet was that. your meatloaf sounded delicious especially with your name on it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your meal sounds delicious and a feast few would turn down. I'm cooking chicken and rice here today and all the fixings as it's one of my sons birthday and I'm fixing dinner for him and his family. Mine is a casserole though with the chicken and rice baked together. The kids do love the legs better than anything else so that's what I'm using. Cranberry sauce does sound good with chicken so maybe I'll add that to the menu. We usually only have it Thanksgiving!

shirl72 said...

The meal sound delicious it is making me hungry will go to the Kitchen to find something to eat.

Lisa said...

Grandmaw always had chicken on the stove. Hot or cold, it was good and skinless. Mom specializes in chicken and dumplings! Oh yum.
And speaking of bones..I was never good at cleaning off the bones but Nick and my daughter can. In fact we would actually give her a chicken bone to naw when she was teething.

From rainy beach SC

Dar said...

I can't say I'd ever actually eaten a chicken bone, got one stuck in my throat once, so did Bill. I guess you'd call us 'chicken' bone shy. My brother was about to give the dog a chicken bone when his wife said, it'll kill him. He said it was worth a try....not to be applied to humans however. lol
Your dinner sounds wonderful. I'm fasting for a morning blood draw and am sooo hungry right now. Sure could go for a plateful of your cookin'.
lovin' hugs to ya'll from up north. It's raining but we need it.