Thursday, August 24, 2017

We Wander and I WONDER!

Things OLD folk learn (firsthand knowledge)

***It's frustrating when you know all the answers but nobody bothers to ask you the questions.
*** Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician.
Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
___*___*___* _____*  ___ *

Today’s entry (Or is this yesterday???):

I wondered:

***I can remember seeing the back of my dad’s neck. He had DEEP rugged wrinkles, but it seemed they were only at the back of his neck. I wondered if that would happen to me,  Yep it has.

***I have said it before, dad was a preacher. But before that he worked in the fields, mines, saw mills, cotton mills and weave mills. As a pastor he was never afraid of work. When churches were being built he supplied LABOR.  I wondered if I would ever be as strong as he was.  I am not. But I do not mind working.

***When he died at 69, I wondered if I would live AS LONG as he did, and then die with his attitude. He told my BIL, “I’m going HOME (and pointed up!).”  I have out-lived him, I still wonder how my end will be? I am smart enough to know I have much less ahead than I had.

***I wondered if my life would be as exciting as his seemed to be. I think I came close.

***I wondered if OUR marriage would be as sweet as mom and dad’s.  Shucks, we might have beat them. (But we haven’t lived in a fish bowl)

***I wondered if Sherry would remain beautiful.  I no longer wonder, SHE HAS! Her mom was cute with a heart of GOLD. Her dad was a little self-centered, but a very handsome man. Sherry has her dad’s strong features, spun into a beautiful woman with the unselfish heart, frugality and love of her mama. What a combination.

***I wondered if my sons would follow in my footsteps. I tried to follow in dad’s footsteps, it didn’t work. My sons have not followed in my footsteps (other than being entrepreneurs).
My dad was disappointed but still accepted my headstrong ideas. Sure it is a disappointment that my sons’ marriages were not as happy as ours or our parents. It was a disappointment when they turned the military down. But like my dad before me I can accept and even understand the reasons.


So, do you ever just WONDER?

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wondering is good for the soul. provides lots of insight.

Paula said...

Oh yes I do wonder. I've had a lot of wondering going on lately.

Mevely317 said...

Yes, all the time. You've given me plenty to ponder tonight.
All the same, I'm loving these olden photos.

... and I still (really!) enjoy your 'factoids' at the top of your posts.

betty said...

Lots of good wondering you did here tonight, Jack. I've been doing lots of wondering these days too. Like how could I one day be 21 and the next day close to 60? Where did that time go?


Rick Watson said...

I've lived a gifted life, Jack. Sounds like you have too.

Dar said...

I've also been doing a lot of wondering...especially when my mind is free in my garden, when I'm mowing lawn, watching my grandloves play. I wonder if I will live as long as my Dad did...and then it would be a well lived life...heck, it's already a well lived life.
love n' hugs from one wanderer wondering to another. I did a whole lot of canning out of the veggie garden again today, I wonder if my kids will continue canning as long as I have. It's all great eats!