Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hating just ain't nice

Undeniable Facts of Life :
*****VERY wise words: "Eat your food as your medicines.
Otherwise you have to eat medicines as your
*****My dad’s best advice to me: ‘Son keep your words soft and sweet, you might have to eat them.’

Imma start with smiles.  There are comments that make me smile, laugh and think.  Last night I learned from Betty I have been pronouncing Prescott ALL WRONG, but I was very surprised at 'Case-grand'.  What I really learned is I am not alone in mispronouncing city names. I thought it was just a ‘Southern Thang’.  BUT.....

Sweet Chatty, I am a Luey-ville kind of guy.

And then Myra is debating Tallassee, AL, I ain't even trying. LOL

You guys that read and comment will never know how much I appreciate the comments.  I also appreciate folks like my dear wife who reads mine, yours and others but never comments.  I know many read and don't comment. I read several blogs myself and do not comment.  Bloggin is going the way of the T-model Ford, but I will probably be here when they close the door.

Life changes sounds like Rick’s book, and life does do some changing. I have strong feelings about some subjects. There are times I vent but at that same time I know differences in this world are what makes the mix so good. I disagree with some of my kinfolk. I have differed with my best friends but it NEVER caused a major problem because of a difference of opinions.

I cannot imagine being in someone’s ‘skin’ who  hates anyone who does not agree with them. I love life too much to take time to HATE stuff that in the end, has no consequence ON MY LIFE.

Being honest I have thought lately about death. We have lost friends, one I have known since 1954. One I have known only a couple years the other I met in the 70’s when she was the young bride of a friend. I have never been a learned person, but I am good with logic. I have passed a lot of tests in my life, just depending on logic. My logic says, ‘Without a catastrophic event (wreck, cancer, unexpected heart attack) I have 5 to 15 years left (I say unexpected heart attack, ‘cause I ain’t allowing me to have one!).  Hey that isn’t long. 

Talking to my beloved nephew Howard who had suffered a heart attack and was told he would not live long, he said, “Uncle Jack, heart attacks are over blown, they are not just for the rich, shucks even us poor folk can have them.’  Loved that dude, he died at 36.

In the ‘relative’ short time I have, I refuse to ‘gather me some stress’ by hating anyone. Hey, I just HATE hating. Can I do that? hahahaha

Nite Shipslog
                                             (Most places you could get 7 for a dollar. several times when we could find the McD's we bought then and took them home and dressed them up with lettuce and tomato!)


Chatty Crone said...

The first McDonald's was where I lived in Des Plaines, IL!

And I sure hope I never hate someone like that - I get mad - but you gotta let it go or it will kill you!

Paula said...

Jack with your good attitude and your good wife you will probably live to be 100. Wish I could still be here to read your blog then.

Mevely317 said...

Recently I'd an unexpected, unpleasant conversation at the workplace that left me reeling. Unfortunately, because I ALLOWED myself to internalize that hatred, by day's end I was physically spent ... like I'd been digging ditches all day. What a waste.

My heart hurts for Howard. Nevertheless, I loved this post.

betty said...

I think of death a lot only because of the type of work I do. Its definitely part of life and we will spend more time in eternity than we spend on this earth. Its so unknown, that is why it is fascinating to me. They say the good die young, perhaps that was the case of Howard.


jack69 said...

Yes, Betty. Howard was a GEM. Yes, many times the Good do die young.
Thanks. It was many years ago, but I can see him today... He was one of the best.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I so agree! Life is to short to hate anyone. We loose the chance to be happy by wasting time on anger. As we get older time becomes all the more precious, but the young need to know that they too will get old. Dearth is a part of life and we never know just how long we have.

Lisa said...

I hate the word hate too. Its such a strong word. Growing up, "hate" was a bad word. If we said we hated anyone, we would feel "hate" on the mouth with mommas back hand swing.

keep lovin

Dar said...

Life truly is too short to waste a moment on hatred of any kind. We have a choice in life to either wake up and smile or be angry at the day. I choose to smile and carry as much of it throughout my day as possible. I'm not unrealistic, however, as everyone has a bad day occasionally. It's finding the JOY each day that makes us feel good. Loosing someone we love at such a young age is horrifying but a fact of life. It does happen and only God knows when our number will be up. You, my friend, will outlive a lot of us. You have the right attitude in life. You go, man!!!
love n' hugs from up north in the Dar/Bill land. Have a safe memorable Labor Day Weekend, and choose to Relax, not Labor. :')


life like everone has said is too short to add hating to it. where i lived we had a Gino's no Mcdonalds.

Unknown said...

I get mad - but you gotta let it go or it will kill you!