Sunday, February 25, 2018

A Neophyte and the Cyber World

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Old Folk in the Cyber World (Sunday 25FEB)
Just a little while ago I was on one of Sherry’s (our) smart phones. She has been very unhappy since the last updates. We both fuss after an update, finding it hard to adjust to the changes.

I touched the ‘cloud’ app. To do so I needed to agree with the terms of use.  You and I, as users, are supposed to read, understand and agree, with the terms. I know if I plan to use VZ or Google I MUST AGREE with their terms or I ain’t gonna use their service, that is a given. 

I seldom even look at the verbiage, just scroll to the bottom and ‘click’ AGREE! Today, just for fun I tried to read the requirements. The word count for the document is  5,000+ words. Most of it in legaleze. I did understand ‘some’ I read, but imma tell you, that is a lot of lawyer talk. LOL  I just declined. Not that I was afraid to agree, I just decided I didn’t need it.

I laughed at one test that was done. In the middle of the LONG agreement a line was inserted that read: I agree to give xxx corporation my firstborn.  It was a fun thing and only a couple were allowed to agree before it was redacted or just removed.

Then the person, just like me and you, was approached and asked if they knew what they had signed. Of course they were shocked that they had signed their first born away. It was just a joke to show we have gotten used to just accepting to use.  We all are guilty.

NO, I do not think there is an undercurrent to take away our money or rights. I think these documents are formed by attorneys to protect the cyber companies. However when read by ME, I think it is overkill; BUT in reality this world has folks who are looking to sue someone.

If you have used any ‘app’ on the net you have agreed to their terms (even blogger) because you are not going to use it otherwise.

On a lighter note, do you remember Long Distance calls?  Long Distance operators as opposed to local operators? Sherry and I were walking in an outlet mall for exercise and I pointed out an oddity, there was a pay phone! I didn’t check if it worked nor the cost. I wish I woulda. (ever check the change slot at a pay phone, 'just in case?'

If things ‘were’ as they are ‘now,’ we could still have our original company telephone number.  We are residents of Florida, but have the same phone number we had in North Carolina, area code and all.

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PS:  Little known facts about the USA, from Cousin Tony:
The biggest signature in human history belongs to Texas farmer Jimmie Luecke.  The two-mile landmark can be seen from space.

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 One of my fun cars from long ago, a little Metro by Nash. We loved it. It sported an MG engine. The Metro was made famous by Lois Lane (Superman's girlfriend).


Mevely317 said...

Ah, the Metro Nash! Tom has a friend whose late hubby used to collect them.

Part of my job has been to study vendors' contractual agreements, and I'll tell ya, THAT makes my teeth ache! Funny, that little 'test' line someone threw in about giving up their first born... but I'd have been plenty upset were it to happen to me. Life's too short to bother with the fine print; at some point you just have to trust and go about your way. Good one today!

Chatty Crone said...

What Iphone number do you have and was it update 11. Is your problem the battery runs out faster? Iphone did it deliberately. If you have an Iphone 6 they will pay for part of your battery. I have the 5 and I got a new battery at Battery Plus.

Woody said...

Hey, like that picture of that little Nash, Have not seen one in years, a teacher had one of those back in the 60's ! Not much going on, the sun came out today, shined right in the window and I went right to sleep n my recliner for 3 hours, must of needed the rest, My Honey was gone Friday night, went to a Womens Prayer retreat down state to Geneva, came home last night, needless to say I didn't sleep well !!!!
Hope things are going good with you 2 ! Take care !!!!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always agree with those agreements in order to get the update. I have never read them all the way through and haven't regretted it yet anyway. Haven't seen a pay phone in a long time. Does make one wonder if the one you saw worked. Not everyone has a mobile phone and still depend on land lines. I know because I have a friend like that. I imagine if there is one there is more...A pay phone could still have a use. The sun is shinning here in Ohio today. What a difference it makes!

Dar said...

I can't say that I'd ever read one of the ' agreements ' completely. So far, so good. Funny tho about the firstborn giveaway. The Nash is so cool. In the late 60's I had an Austin Healy...not sure I spelled it right but it was a low to the road, 2 door roadrunner., fun as the dickens til we hit a skunk.
The sun is shining bright today, predicted to reach 40 degrees and start melting the foot of snow we got the past couple days. Awww, sweet sunshine!
love n' hugs all around from our home to yours.

Lisa said...

IF you actually read the aggrements, it will probably make you think twice about agreeing. I even had a salesmen (for example the verizon store) just tell me to “agree” and skip the print.! And I do.. haha.

I love the Nash!!!!