Friday, February 23, 2018

My tongue exaggerates

The Historical picture of the day:

Joseph O'Conner truant, selling 'Extras' during school hours.

Tonight: Exaggeration and Krispy K
Mama said I exaggerated. I always was a story teller! I can remember the first tooth that I lost, the gap felt like a four lane highway. But when I looked in the mirror, it was little. Even my tongue exaggerates.

Right now, I have a little splinter I mean ‘minute’ so small I still cannot see it with a big magnifier. I use a needle and alcohol and dig around until I find it.
I don’t have false teeth, but folks that do say something the size of a grain of sand feels huge.  A small gravel in my shoe feels like a 5 pound rock.
I have found that most of the things I/we worry about actually never happen.  They loom LARGE, make us feel so small, then they are gone. Most things we worry about, never happen or are not as bad as our minds built them up to be. Our minds EXAGGERATE!

Now to something more palatable.  I found it hard to believe we have twice this year lived within walking distance of a Krispy Kreme donut place.  You know the ones with the RED  sign. The red that means they are hot and being made at this instant, and did not go in.  Yeah, not just a place that sells them but one that makes them. The one that runs them under that liquid shower of sweet glaze that I would have loved to have been under as a kid. That changed yesterday.

We walked over. I had two glazed donuts and Sherry had a chocolate covered crème filled pastry (They ain’t donuts, donuts have holes in’em). The price w/coffee was $7.12. 

That hurts your mind when you remember when they were $1.00 a dozen, coffee was $.10 and a Pepsi was a nickel.   I am not fussing, I have paid it before.  Just saying I am getting older than I ever thought I would.

KK was born July 1937. Just before Sherry and I. Last year they were around the world and US alone revenue was over a half billion $.

Side note: Just finished Lescroart's "The Keeper", if you like a mystery novel with twists and turns, give it a shot. If you do or did, did you know the killer until the last?  I sure didn't that one was out of left field.  Good read.

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PS:  Little known facts about the USA, from Cousin Tony:
In 1943, the temperature in Spearfish, South Dakota jumped 49 degrees in two minutes, one of the most drastic changes on record.
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This ford was brand new and this girl was not born when KrispyKreme was born.


Rain said...

I don't think we have KrispyKreme donuts here, I may have seen one outlet once years ago, but it must have been in Montreal. Just the name sounds delicious though! We are Tim Horton fans :) Though even those donuts kind of make our stomachs turn if we eat too much of them. It's been a while since I had time I go grocery shopping I will have to get a few!

I know what you mean about the mind exaggerating...that is the core of my anxiety problem!

Chatty Crone said...

Well you have a lot to chew on there.

Sometimes things in my mouth feel huge and end up nothing.

You're a good writer because you can describe what you are going through with lots of words.

We just had a KK open by us - my mom used to love them!!! I see the hot sign on and think of her.


Paula said...

We have finally "got hold" of ourselves. we could eat a half dozen donuts in a flash so we just don't buy them anymore. What are you saying? Just buy one or two. Does the sun set in the west?

Dar said...

No KK around here and good thing or I'd probably be tempted. Can't eat just one, huh? Bill and I have been trying to swear off the sweets.......let me tellya, ain't easy... but at least we're trying. Yep, been guilty of exaggeration too a time or two...another exaggeration! Oh well, it is what it is.
love n' hugs from up north where I've been trying to get a picture of a bobcat that's been frequenting the scrap/compost pile....

Mevely317 said...

I LOVE your first 3 paragraphs, Jack ... you've perfectly described "that" feeling!
... and your 4th? I needed that! We've known each other for 15 years, and still Tom can't understand my mind-set: I don't think I'm a negative person. Rather, a realist. My mind always goes to the 'worst case' scenario where I mull it over and develop a game plan ... then let it go. I'm just so terrified of being sucker-punched. Been this way most of my life, so I told him, "Don't go expecting me to change." :)

PS - I've never read Lescroarts before, but your description of "The Keeper" sounds intriguing!

Lisa said...

Can you believe I have not had a Krispy Kreme Doughtnut since I have been on the Nutrisystem Diet? Thats like 2 years!!!
I love them things so much!! I could easily eat a dozen by myself right off the conveyor belt after they run through the fountain of glaze. I like them when they are so hot they burn your fingers while they melt between them. Oh Im wanting one now. The one here in Gastonia makes them right there. I have the KK ap on my phone and have a coupon for a free whole dozen. I still cant do it. It would be like taking an alcoholic to a liquor store!

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