Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Readin' and writin'

Historical Photo: 

              1940 Ford assembly line

 Notes for tonight!
I just finished Jeffery Deaver’s ‘Shallow Graves’.  It was a five star read. My book stash is dropping, I am starting David Baldacci’s ‘Deliver Us ‘From Evil’. He published this in 2010. I did not read seriously until I was in my late 50’s. Once I realized what I was ‘personally’ missing I started to devour books. At times 2 novels a week. 3 on a good week.

The advantage I had over habitual readers was my books were cheap or reasonable. Great authors had been writing and putting books on the shelves for years. They were now in yard sales, flea markets, exchange libraries, and the internet. I now have read thousands of great books.

It was 20 years before I would decide to write a book myself. I thought to myself, “Jack you have some audacity, a HS dropout with poor English, even thinking you can write and publish a book!”

At that time I thought back to that old uneducated Brick mason I hired in Shelby, NC that said, “Mr. Darnell, If you hire me, I will make you look good.” 

I am not gullible enough to think that proofers and editors could make me look good, but they do a danged good job of keeping me from looking too bad.  LOL

I remember smiling when I saw my books on sale on the internet as ‘used’. I smiled hoping to see more. LOL

Nite Shipslog
PS: Little known facts about the USA, from Cousin Tony: Oregon's Crater Lake is deep enough to cover six Statues of Liberty stacked on top of each other.
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 Cary Grant parked on the fender of his '41 Buick Century


Chatty Crone said...

I think you are extremely educated - not all education comes from a book - I try to tell that to others too! Sandie

Rain said...

Hi Jack :) I haven't read a book in ages...I can't seem to find the time. But I have so many on stand by, mostly biographies actually, I'm really into those lately! By the way, I wanted to mention that my main blog is www.rainfrances.com. The one you have commented on is based on my spiritual thoughts and stuff like that.

Mevely317 said...

What Sandie jus' said! :)
This life-long bookworm fell off the wagon back in 2013, and I've struggled to regain my passion ... so glad I discovered yours. Hopefully, when I'm no longer deadline-driven, the muse will re-visit?

Yes, Baldacci and Deaver are two of my all-time favorites. (Aside: Tom and I were able to meet Jeffrey Deaver a few years back; he's a seriously funny dude!)


Nothing as comforting as curling up with a good book.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love to read and always have a book on hand. Most are on my Kindle.

Glenda said...

It seems to me that, at heart, you're an entertainer. Your writing is just one aspect and the Shipslog is another example!

Rick Watson said...

I’ve often said- had I known I would be a writer I would have paid better attention in English classes

Rick Watson said...

BTW, one benefit of restoring my phone, I can now make comments on it instead of having to go to my computer. Woo Hoo!

Lisa said...

I’m not a big reader though It seems the older I get, the more I want to read. When I read, it has to be place with no distractions. Sounds around me are ok but I dont want to be bothered personally. As soon as I sit down to read, someone will start talking to me. If im quietly ready for more than a few minutes, Nick will constantly ask me if im ok or if I need anything. I eventually give it up. I get about 30 minutes to myself in the mornings before he gets up. This is when I do most of my blog reading and ill take a few minutes at night to read some scripture in my Bible. If I do get into a book, it will be at my work desk on a slow day or relaxing on the beach on a long day.

Keep writing!