Saturday, February 24, 2018

Yep, Things do go WRONG! (SAT feb24)

Historical Picture:
 I once had a dream of owning one of these, but never did.

BEFORE THE BLOG (Posting early out to lunch): Breaking news---- They are going to start charging to use FACEBOOK I am told. REALLY? How are they gonna charge you? Probably take it right out of your checking account, RIGHT?  Notice stated 'Starting next week'. NO DATE, so that can float around forever. AND NO! I DO NOT BELIEVE IT! A cyber myth!

Surprise, things do go wrong!
Walking here in ‘Sherwood Forest RV Park’ I saw a chow dog.  You know, the red furry creatures with a blue tongue. It brought back a memory of a dog I had for only a couple days. He had bitten a few people but loved me. The owner gave him to me. I was a proud owner. Dad was wise, “You can’t keep him son. He might bite someone at church.”

I have never been a gloom and doom person. When I was bit by a dog, I did not think ‘every dog would bite,’ but I was careful!.

BlueRidgeBoomer said something today that sticks,”It looks easy on TV.” She was talking about the State Forest Service safely taking trees down. Yeah, dropping a tree looks easy until it falls on the next door neighbor’s house. Uh huh, it happened, but I never pictured all the trees falling wrong after that. The tree men were just more careful.

We have had two house break-ins in our 61 years as a family. I still do not worry about our houses when we are gone.

As a kid my dog killed a neighbor’s chicken. Dad paid for the hen, he didn’t shoot the dog, but I was more careful with him.


I lost my brakes in the motorhome going down a mountain once, but I did not give up the motor home. I do not drive in fear of it happening again.

I crossed the Atlantic a few times. My wife asked what if your ship goes down. My answer was the same then as now. You ain’t losing me that easy, “I will get back home!”

I am not ignorant enough to think I am bullet-proof or immune to problems and troubles, we have had our share. BUT I refuse to live in fear of the ‘Sky falling down!’

I wish folks who lived in fear could see around them, see that what they worried about either did not happen or wasn’t as bad as the fear.

AND YES, Folks do get killed. School shootings do happen. Planes do CRASH but can YOU stop it?  Some people can never accept the advice, “Love life, do not fear nor hate it. Love life and live with your share of this world. Be yourself, everyone else is taken!

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PS:  Little known facts about the USA, from Cousin Tony: 

The world's tiniest park is in Portland, measuring a mere two feet wide.
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Our first Motor Home. We loved it.. LOL


Rain said...

Hi Jack and Sherry :) Nice post today. You are so right, living in fear is basically a waste of a life. I admit that during the worst of the burnout years, I had constant fear, anxiety, panic...I was afraid of everything, but then I was sick. I live life to the fullest now, though you won't get me bungee jumping that's for sure! :) Stuff does happen and I tell myself often that there is no use worrying over that which I cannot control.

Mevely317 said...

Jack, you could be a motivational speaker!
I was telling my hairdresser today how, after my auto accident in '05 I've been fearful of driving Interstate 10 ... that had I been that way in '02, I'd probably still be sitting in my townhouse in Tarpon Springs.

Chatty Crone said...

I read something by Billy Graham - I love that guy - he said the last breathe here on earth is our first breathe in Heaven. There is no fear in that!

Paula said...

You always have such good advice.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I had not heard about FB charging.... and I am not losing any sleep over it either. Living in fear is a waste of time. No matter what, things will happen as they are meant to and nothing I can do will change that but I have control over my thoughts and my attitude. I can choose that much anyway. I agree with you Love life, do not fear nor hate it. Love life and live with your share of this world. Be yourself, everyone else is taken!

Dar said...

I feared for about an hour after being rear-ended in the middle of OK City during rush hour....nearly hurled but had to get off the interstate, calm myself and carry is indeed to short to live in fear of anything, anyone. God's our refuge, no matter what. I love that last line, 'Be yourself, everyone else is taken!' awesome Jack!
love n' hugs from here to their. Yesterday we plowed and shoveled for hours, today we repeated the process with another snowfall. Bill's sick but won't stop plowing........what's a gal to do with a guy like that. He showed me how to run the plow but then won't let me do is what it is. No fear.

Lisa said...

Facebook will not start charging you to use facebook, its a myth BUT I do have a “page” on there for my online shop. It does not charge me to have it but If I want others (other than those who actually follow the page) to see my postings, It will cost me like 7.99 a month or more for more traffic. I guess they concider it advertising.

Still catching up.