Thursday, February 15, 2018


Hysterical Photo:
 My 7th grade class, Historical?

 I am second from the right 2nd row. That is Mrs. Melissa Grill one of the best and toughest teachers I ever had. I enjoyed a lot of time after school with her! LOL
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Tonight’s thoughts:
I really like a banana sandwich. I have to make it I have sliced the banana cross ways with little circles and long-ways with slices. Many times I will add a slice of cheese.

My most favorite sandwich is the tomato sandwich. I can make it the way I prefer, sliced tomatoes, mayo, salt and pepper. It can dressed up with any or combo of these: ham, bacon, lettuce, onion even a slice of cheese. But it is the mayo, loaf bread and tomato that complement the other’s taste.  I don’t even mind it a little soggy.

Grandson Corey loved the lettuce/tomato sandwich, Told his grandma, he loved the salad sandwich!

Back to conversations with new friend Tom. He likes to talk tractors and I like to learn. He brought up irrigation systems and I remembered when I first flew commercially. I loved to watch the patch word below. The farm land was green and plowed squares.  

As time passed and I flew I noticed that many of those fields are now round. Due to the circular irrigation systems.

Potatoes were mentioned and I told him of Darla and Bill up in the North woods who leased land for a while for companies to experiment with different strands of potatoes. And I mentioned seeing the tractors harvesting potatoes in Idaho and said that was the dirtiest farm job I ever saw. Dirt just a flying dust cloud.

We covered the gambit of farming, so onions came up. I commented, “Tom, when I was in Spain I went to a bull fight. Other than the bull fight the most interesting thing to me was thousands of tons of onions that were stored under the bleachers. Do you know why?”

“Jack, you know how concrete gets hot as it is drying? Of course you do. Well Onions put off a lot of heat as they dry. That was probably the driest open area they had.”

“Now Jack, do you eat onion sandwiches?”

“Not lately Tom, but I love em. I sometime add lettuce and I like mustard, how do you make an onion sandwich?”

“I like bread and mayo.” He smiled surprised that I liked an onion sandwich.

Favorite sandwich, how about you? Ever make an onion sandwich?
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NEXT: I have had a few inquiries about my buddy Al. So Tomorrow I plan an Albert post.

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PS: Little known facts about the USA
                                Thanks.. Tony D.
The total length of Idaho's rivers could stretch across the United States about 40 times.

   Worker's bus, Early Chicago


Lisa said...

Nothing beats a good fresh (not cold) tomato samich.
Growing up we ate a lot of peanutbutter n applebutter sandwiches. My sister used to eat just Butter sandwiches. Yuk!
My favorite was when mom would make homemade cornbeef spread. Ever heard of “Bingo” sandwich?
Also had a lot of potted meat and mayonaise sandwiches too. Yep. We had it all.
Kids now day have no idea what they are missing.

Dar said...

My all time favorite sandwich IS the tomato sandwich, thick slice of fresh off the vine tomato warmed by the sun, salt, pepper, Miracle Whip between slices of Oatmeal Bread. Yum Yum. The onion sandwich is what Bill thought was the cause of all his chest pain when he had his 36 hr. heart attack...never blame the sandwich. Thanks for the potato experiment we did. It was very interesting working for the seed co., we were one year from becoming organic when the guy pulled out after his divorce. Life changed things here tho, we still do what we can to keep the ground organic, we still plant potatoes, pumpkins and corn and share with the community. Life is good. Your buddy Tom has interesting info about his large farm operation. I'm learning.
love n' hugs from up north where the sun still shines on us. Lovin'it!!!

Dar said...

Forgot to finish my thought............compared to Tom's farming, we are tiny, tiny, tiny. But what I forgot to say was, Tom should have a blog.
Have a great day dear friends.

Mevely317 said...

A 'salad sandwich' is GREAT ... out of the mouths of babes!
I don't eat much bread, but my comfort go-to is egg-salad on whole wheat. Ya, I always have to add mayo to the bread to help it slide. :)
The weirdest? Upon coming home from overseas duty, Troy was craving a tuna and jelly sandwich. YUK!

Have a great day!

Glenda said...

Nope on onion sandich, maybe tomato if it has bacon.....favorite is cold biscuit with fried egg and lunch brown bag!

Sheila Y said...

I like Mayo and mustard on my onion (chopped) sandwich, haven’t had one in awhile and I reserve those for when Rick isn’t home. 😁
I also like a boiled egg sandwich with mayo. Slice round, just the white first then I crumble a little egg yolk on it with salt and pepper. Speaking of Rick he’ll be here tomorrow for a couple of weeks then I should be in Florida a week or so later. He’s adapted well to the travel trailer life. Love from up here for a little while longer, Sheila

Chatty Crone said...

An onion sandwich???????? No. I like banana and peanut butter and tomatoes with mayo and salt. Reminds me of summer. sandie


Sounds like you have a good selection of sandwiches to chose from. YUMMY!