Friday, February 2, 2018

A boys playhouse

   The Historical picture of the day:
    Wagon Train in Colorado in 1880

From child hood I could not throw away a pair of shoes without cutting the tongue out for a sling-shot pocket.  Anything that I thought I could make something out of, I held on to.(I think old people recycled before it was popular)

As life progressed I became more grown up about it. Remembering that No buttons or zippers were ever thrown away by my mama She had a stash of 'swaths' of cloth (that is what she called them). Anything that could be reused she kept.

(We are back in our back yard for a couple weeks. I can play in my play house)

So I take many things apart that is being thrown away.

Screws, small metal parts, odd shaped metal I have a stash. Wheels off desks and roll around things, I have a bucket full. Nobs, handles, drawer pulls… I got ‘em.

Containers (above). Piles of them. I am a container hoarder!!! Cans, jars, heavy plastic jugs, flat, tall... I love ‘em all.  BUT I do need to cut back on those..  LOL
 Bags of plastic bags hanging and below wood scraps!
Nuts and bolts and I like washers, all sizes. Any electoral appliance or tool loses it cord. I have oodles of ‘em. I call them 'pig tails.'

Have I used any of this stuff? YES, I get satisfaction (and justification) out of my stash!  LOL  As a kid, all the boys knew I had a red and a black inner tube, when they needed Sling shot rubber. Mama finally gave me an old pair of scissors, she had to find hers so often.

Remember metal skate wheels? Any skates that I saw thrown away, they lost any good wheels they had. All the kids came to my house to get some. They were free and freshly oiled with mama’s 3-in-1 sewing machine oil. When I see those ‘fidgets’ Stella plays with, I remember how I used to spin skate wheels while holding them with my thumb and finger.

Most handy men do the same, many are more organized than I am.

Nite Shipslog

PS: Cousin Tony sent some little known facts about the USA:
There is enough water in Lake Superior to cover all of North and South America in one foot of liquid.
(Is Superior the fabled Gitchegoome?}

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Norwegian Olympic skating champion and 
Hollywood movie star Sonja Henie and 
her Cord 810. 


Paula said...

Melvin knew where everything was but to me it looked like a disaster. When I came out here John was a farmer and rancher and didn't own a bucket. That's okay I brought three.

Chatty Crone said...

My husband doesn't have as much as you do - but he has a lot. But then I don't save as much as he does - but I do have some shelves with boxes and I save things too. However I am not a huge saver. Totally off the subject - however is it good to be home with all your stuff????

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I used to be a saver like you mother, I'd keep stashes stuck away just in case. After I had to move this year and downsized to a much smaller place, most of my stash had to go and already I've regretted not having many of the things I got rid of. I simplified my life in big ways but do miss having a place to keep everything. Have fun in your playhouse! Sounds like you'll be busy there in your back yard.

Glenda said...

Had to laugh, a basket in bathroom has "swaths" of small squares from ripped up bath towels that are the ideal thing for makeup removal....and the list goes on. After 14 years in my last home I've acquired way too much junk that "I might need sometime!" As 'MA' referenced, I've given away duplicate items and still have some stuff with no place to go!

Dar said...

Boy, this one hit home. Bill has an organized 'mess' in his shop/toy house but he knows exactly where to find ' it ' when he needs it. My craft/sewing room is plum full of ' stuff ' everything from boxes of pictures to cans of sewing notions, everything you can imagine. The rest of the house has decorative boxes and tins with ' stuff ' I ' might ' need someday! I do have it organized tho., right down to the coins, jackknives and butterfly You sure know how to make a gal recollect what's where. GREAT ENTRY
love n' hugs from near Gitchagoomee country where Lake Superior is ice cold year round. We have gone wading and even swimming in it. BRRRRR

Mevely317 said...

Another post I can't wait to share with Tom! Poor guy's at his wit's end, realizing just how MUCH 'stuff' he's managed to accumulate in the garage. What to take?, what to get rid of? I suggested he make 3 piles: Keep, Discard and 'Purgatory.' Live with the latter on his mind for a few days, then revisit the subject. I know I've pitched stuff in haste that I later regretted.

PS - Fascinating trivia about Lake Superior!


my husband hoards stuff like this. only he is no way near as organized as you are.