Sunday, February 11, 2018

Special people & books

Historical Photo:

               Stella Kelly Poole  born 1914
               (Bonney's Granny)

Most fiction books Sherry and I read go into lending libraries or given to friends. In the motor home we no longer have the luxury of storing them. However my wife just a few weeks ago requested a copy of every book I had written. She wants to display them in our home in Florida. Of course she now has them.
I have several special books sent to me by friends. They are special and I have found space for them. A couple are special.
I have in/on my desk. One from friend Myra (over at Respire, Prospice) called ‘The Conversation Piece’, very unique. When I need a good swift kick, I open it. Questions like this pop up and make me THINK: If you could walk into any painting and actually experience the moment it depicts, which painting would you choose?  
Uh, doggies, I am still thinking there. I chose a historical photograph first, but my mind said, no cheating, painting. (Right now I am looking at a painting of Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, still not sure)
Another book I take out when the sun is shining, and I am not pushed with any drive to fix something. A special book of Poetry. What I call real poetry like Mrs Grill wanted me to read in the 7th grade. The book given to me by Bonny of ‘Organ Discourse.’  A sweet book written by her Granny Stella Kelly Poole.
I can jump into and out of a novel or western, but poetry requires the right time. Poems do not get old. They are like the songs we sing over and over again, I can do the same with poetry.
Granny’s poems cover life. One of seeing a son get on a plane, called to serve his country, leaving family behind. One that always gets me because I have so many on the ‘other side’. This is the beginning of a tribute to her brother:
Brother is gone but he’s awaiting
For me on the other side
And I know that I shall see him
When I cross the rolling tide
Yes I know I will meet dear brother
In that city bright and fair
I know that he is waiting
For he promised he would be there.
There is something special about ‘STUFF’ written by someone who is the salt of the earth. Like ladies who have scrubbed clothes, raised a garden, canned green beans, milked a cow, fried eggs and made corn bread. Someone with a full day and still time to put words together that sang to her heart. She called her book, “Come Sing With Me.”
Thanks guys.  I have a couple more special books I cannot discard. But that is what I am thinking tonight.

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PS: Little known facts about the USA
                                Thanks.. Tony D.
In 1922, a man built a house and all his furniture entirely out of 100,000 newspapers.  The structure still stands today in Rockport, Massachusetts.

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 This car was a year old when Stella was born.


Mevely317 said...

Aw, thanks! I love hypothetical questions ... particularly when my mind's preoccupied, wrestling with all the world's problems. Sort of, recess for the brain.

No matter its age, Bonny's grandma's poem is lovely. Who amongst us can't relate? I'm glad you shared this!

Lisa said...

I like poems too. I can sometimes come up with a good one on my own. If I could step inside a painting, It would be in one of those Paris street paintings. I can stare into those all day long and wish I was in there.



How nice for Sherry to put copies of your books on display at your Florida house. Lovely indeed.

Paula said...

I think that's a neat idea for your books to be on display in your home. The idea of stepping into a painting would be fun too. Of course I would probably pick a country road with wild flowers.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have little room for books here and when I moved gave many away. But I still have a few I cannot part with either. I have several books of poems and inspirational quotes and also a few fictional books I could read over and over, but what takes up the most room are probably cook books and Bibles. I have a collection of both.! Ha. I know I could find it all on line, but somethings you have hold in your hand.

Dar said...

Like "MA" I like to hold a book in my hands. Somehow, it connects me to the story. I also love poetry and have even written a few lines. My Daddy thought I was pretty good and that was good enough for me. Awesome idea Sherry had. I love it as well as Granny's poem covering life. As for the 1922 paper house that's still standing, THAT's AMAZING!
love n' hugs from up here in cold country. They say it's supposed to be in the 40's by midweek. Ahhhhhhhh, I gotta see and feel it

Unknown said...

Granny lived to be a hundred. She sure saw a lot of changes in her time.

Glenda said...

Awe...Granny Stella's poem is so lovely.

Chatty Crone said...

Do you know the life experiences you hold in your hands - and the history? There is no value on it.

Okay - true or dare - I HATE POETRY! teehee