Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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This should cause you to stop texting!

You learn something new every day. It was moving day. Weather was great, traffic was light.  We waved at walking couples as we left. Great ride not many traffic lights caught us and I didn’t throw anything around in the house. (Gotta make myself a note. My two drawers below my computer will not stay shut!  Done).  That note was made beneath the other note that says: Replace bulbs in bathroom light.)

Our new neighbor just pulled in as we did. He came over and in our conversation mentioned he was a bike rider. I said, “Friends Don and Evelyn just gave us those two bikes.” I pointed them out.
He actually hinted he rode ‘real’ bikes. He had ridden across the USA two times. He did 80 miles a day took a few breaks and finished in 40 days. I learned that clubs do this often. They pay someone to feed them two meals a day, and find a place for them to sleep at night. I never knew that.

After coming in and setting up, Friends Don and Evelyn fed us lunch. (and we didn't have to pay them!) We had a great time and did some catching up on who is sick and who died back home related to their HS class.  Later Sherry needed a haircut. She uses the Salon at Walmart. As we drove in she spotted a bus, painted on the side was MT Killington Bicycle Club. We might have wondered a lot if we had not just met the new neighbor. Someone from Vermont is doing a bike-ride. This is their support vehicle.

Mt. Killington is very familiar to us. On a Mt like this She Threw her pack down the hill ahead of her, she was hurting so bad.

The peak is on the AT. Sherry pulled a groin muscle going down that mountain. It put us off the Trail for a while.

Oh' I didn’t tell you. We may be back in the truck farming business. I have replaced the entire tomato crop.  But this time the plants are portable, and we can protect them. I put the entire new crop in the motor home shower for today’s ride. Here they are in the sun. Can you see the Bloom. BUMPER crop coming up. And without federal assistance.

Put in your orders early, they will go fast!  LOL

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PS:  Little known facts about the USA, from Cousin Tony: In Colma, California the dead outnumber the living by nearly 1,000 to 1.
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 The Lincoln Futura that became a Batmobile


Mevely317 said...

Wow ... your 'truck garden' is a stroke of genius!

That is interesting about the cyclists' tours and being 'put up.' Tom's cardiologist is a serious, long-distance biker, as well.... but not much of a conversationalist; his attitude's something else. (Best left alone, at least for another day.)

PS - We just gave our two bicycles to Tom's son and DIL.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It sounds like a good moving day for you. How nice to be near your friends and get a free lunch ! Loved seeing your tomatoes plants. they are getting big. You are the first I've known that takes their crops with them. Sure hope it works!

Chatty Crone said...

I still have trouble putting your life - and where you go - and how you move together in my mind.

Those tomato plants are wonderful.

I would stop texting if I saw that plane go through the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.

You have neighbors when you move and come back.

Very interesting.

Dar said...

That plane, oh my....would scare me to death. I love that you're 'trucking' your tomatoes with you. They will do well in the pots. Give them at least 5-6 hrs. of sunshine daily along with plenty of water when it's dry. Your plants are very healthy and I do see the blossom begging for it's first sign of a tomato. I'll bet you can't wait to taste your first sandwich. There is nothing finer!!!
love n' hugs from up north where Bill's eye appt. today was thumbs up! Woowho!
Have a wonderful weekend/week.


With any luck you'll be able to eat some MATER sandwiches before too long.