Monday, February 19, 2018

We will Make it

Historical Photo:
I can't find out a thing about this picture. It must be in the mid to late 1800s. But look at the derbies, hats both men and women!

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We attended church Sunday Morning here in Kissimmee at ‘The Rock’. It is 90+% young folk who worship ‘Wide open’, LOL. It is a nice place multicultural and very friendly. The auditorium seats about 6000, much less than that in attendance but it is blocked off so the crowd did not look small in the big area. I tried to guess the attendance and it looked like 600-800.  Not a small number, that is for sure. It is a fairly new church, I am sure it will grow, these kids are infectious with their enthusiasm.

Since I was not raised with flashing lights and LOUD music in church, it is not my cup of tea.  But it is good to see so many young folk enthused and not on drugs, booze and the wild life.  As I have said many times. This country has so many good folk in it, we will work out the kinks that come with growth and technology.  I love this country, the USA, and together we will make it. Hang in there and think positive.

I am sure you readers in other countries are proud of your country, as you should be. Many areas get a bad view of the USA from the Media, but not much can be done about that. WE as a country give more to the underprivileged countries that any country in the world. Our citizens also volunteer to go work in areas of disasters.  We have some good folk, I am very proud of the USA.

Listening and reading the news you would think the END is near for the USA. HOWEVER many, like my parents, lived thru the Great Depression. Our family lived thru WWII. SO, looking back this country and the world has faced worse and survived. The UK and most of Europe; Japan and Most of Korea was devastated.  WE all made it back from the brink of disaster.  I ain’t about to give up the ship.
I do not believe too many conspiracy theories and I take the news with a grain of salt. I can only manage my small personal problems. I will have to let the big guys and GOD handle the rest.

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PS: Little known facts about the USA
                                Thanks.. Tony D.
The number of bourbon barrels in Kentucky outnumbers the state's population by more than two million.

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 Actual Moonshine running cars
          1940 ford jacked up for the load
                      1961 Chrysler
                   1966 Dodge


Chatty Crone said...

I do believe God is in control - we just have to pray.

I have never seen a woman in a Derby hat.

Kelly and Andy go to a church like that here - they love it. Me I like the comfort of my littler church. They know me - I know them. You can get involved which is harder with a mega church - but I do go with them sometimes - the music is like a concert!!


Mevely317 said...

You said it, my friend. God's got this!

We've a church in Phoenix that sounds much like The Rock. Personally, I'd like to find someplace .....a 'middle ground' between the staid, solemn Lutheran church in which I was raised and one with modern music.

My mother was so concerned the young people in her community were turning away from organized religion, but that reminds me what the Unity pastor in Clearwater once said: "I don't care if you're Baptist, Jewish, Buddhist or if you worship goats. I want you to go where your soul is fed." LOL.

Lisa said...

Well said Jack.
Yep the churches are changing for the young people to enjoy. I hear a lot of old people gripe about it, but like you said, Its good to see them there than on the streets.
The news and all the scocial media is something im getting tired of. It will put a damper on my day and I have to keep thinking possitive that its all gonna be ok and “We will make it” through.

Good post

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I cannot imagine a church of that size, but I will agree it is a wonderful feeling worshipping along with people who are so enthusiastic and yes, there are a lot of good people in this world. We just don't hear about the good as much as we hear about the bad. We need more good news!


i can't imagine attending a church that big. i prefer a more intimate setting.

jadarnel27 said...

I did some Google investigating on that picture. You were right about the time, it's from "The 1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition." You can see the photo on this web page:

Dar said...

I also prefer my little church. For our area, it's one of the two largest but still small enough that we know a lot of the members. As for the world issues and it's's in God's hands. Like Sandie said, we need to pray. Hope you're having a fine day.
love n' the usual hugs from up north where it's an overcast day after last nights snow and freezing rains. I had to break through the ice in the bird feeders this morning. The birds have been on a feeding frenzy again, ever since.