Saturday, February 17, 2018

Books and Movies

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  The Sphinx, at this time, no one knew this was one of the largest statues (carvings) in the world. The rest was covered by sand.
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I am working on one of the longest books I have ever written. It is our lives, Sherry and I. As I am re-reading the book I realize there is no way I can accomplish what I would like.  I started the project because of my on lack of curiosity about my parents and their parents.   I became curious AFTER the death of my parents. I realized how little I actually knew about them.

Once you start trying to go over your own life you realize it will take volumes and you may still leave out the things your sons and daughters may want to know later.

But maybe, just maybe some will read it now (not likely, but) and it may prime the pump for some to ask. 

Youngest son Mark looked at a proof and said, “I might read this on it has pictures.”  He hasn’t read any of the books I have written. He is in his mid-fifties now, so he might just start reading. I was that age before I read for fun and entertainment.

I know we all have read books pertaining to work and school, but many folk like me do not start reading for enjoyment until late in life or not at all. Many prefer the movies taken from the books.

I have noticed that if I read a book, then go to the movie, most of the time, I am disappointed. The latest was ‘A Walk in The Woods’ by Bill Bryson. It was one of the best books I have read. Funny and informative. There were two ‘bad words’ in the whole book.  The movie was sprinkled with ‘GD’s and ‘F’s’. 

Famous actors starred in the movie. I realize today those are words common to kids and adults today, but they add nothing to the script. It wasn’t just the language. Since we had hiked the trail and his was the first book we read on the trail, we actually tried to stay in the places he stayed and go where he went. We had a ball. The movie was a disappointment.

Do you read for enjoyment?  When did you start?

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PS: Little known facts about the USA
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The entire town of Whittier, Alaska lives under one roof.

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  The 1953 MG, I always wanted one, Maybe one day.


Rain said...

Hi Jack :) I saw A Walk In The Woods, and I was so excited about seeing it...then quite disappointed when I saw it. I think I will read the book instead. Usually that's the case, the book is always better than the movie! And I love Robert Redford too! You might like a movie he did about him sailing alone on the ocean then running into some trouble. Very little dialogue but it's amazing, it's called "All Is Lost".

I read your life story every day on your blog. :) I think it's great that you're writing a book about yours and Sherry's life. As Biography channels says "every life tells a story"!! :)

Mevely317 said...

Gosh, the last sentence of your first paragraph could have come out of my own mouth. I think the gift of your book is priceless.

'Excuse if I'm repeating myself: Up until March-May 2013 (losing Caraleigh, then Tom's cancer diagnosis) I totally defined the term 'bookworm.' From the time I could read, I was one of those obnoxious kids who brought books to the dinner table and read under the bedcovers. Then 2013 happened and reading's become a Real Challenge ... I struggle to focus. Hopefully that will change in the coming months.

PS - I can't think of a single movie adaptation that I've enjoyed; everything leaves me disappointed ... most recently, "A Dog's Purpose."

Paula said...

I started reading in high school when my English teacher would say "get out your novels and read". The girls did and the boys crowded around her desk to talk football. Right before exam time she would write on the blackboard for us to study and take a test. That school wouldn't get by with that now days. She was the Superintendent's wife.

Lisa said...

I have read 6 whole books in my life. Yours are three of them. Seriously! I just can’t cant get into reading. I can’t ever find a quite relaxing time to do it. Im getting there though! I have a couple I keep in my suitcase to read on the beach. I have a couple in my Kindle app waiting to be read as well. I can see how it can be relaxing and enjoyable.

From Spring Teased Gastonia

Chatty Crone said...

I love to read - I don't get to read as much as I would like because of the business of life.

I like all sorts of books too - except sci-fi or military/fighting type ones - I am not sure what they would be called.

I have seen a couple of movies as good as the books - but they are probably not ones you are interested in.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You get a gold star for even trying to write the story of your life. I know it has to difficult at times and I know I'm not one who could do it. I do love to read, but am not a writer. I did see that movie and it was a good one, but for me most of the time the book is always better than the movie.


i have always found the book to be better than the movie. I wish you well with your life story.