Tuesday, February 13, 2018

More of friends, and Tom taking a part of his Farm when he departs

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 Elvis in the Oval office with Nixon and Kissinger

This all I have:
I have some great friends with stories that curl my toes. LOL  MY buddy AL of Maine who would not allow the surgeons to amputate his finger that they said would give him gangrene  and kill him. The same with a toe.  But he refused and they actually dropped off and healed up better than a doctor could have done. Al was unique, he had that toe and finger in a zip lock back to show me.

My friend, Dallas, who after many occupations became a Turkey farmer.  He will not touch chicken.  He says it started even before he was ten years old. Just cannot stand the thought of eating chicken, however, he will eat Turkey. Dallas’s life is wild with stories.

Buddy who has hundreds of exciting stories as a Texas trooper, detective, Army/Air Force Vet. When most folk are in England, most of us brought back pictures of the changing of the guard and  Piccadilly Circus. Buddy brought back to the USA one of the UK beauties as a wife and wedding pictures.

There is Tuck who was destined to be a successful business man. First incinerators, then heavy equipment and finally chicken farmer. All the time living on the edge racing, wild skiing  and mountain 4-wheeling.

Just a few notes concerning my conversations with my new friend Tom:

There are many more, but today it is Tom S. a country guy who made it good, now retired enjoying the fruits of his many years of up before the sun and working until the sun was gone.

He was telling me of family members they had buried. The Caskets costing upwards of $7,000.  While clearing some land on the farm they were cutting large Ash trees. He took an eight foot log to an Amish Friend who built him a casket for $500.  He has the casket stored. “This way Jack, I am taking a bit of the farm with me as I leave this earth and saving a little money also.”

His love and respect for Evelyn comes through. If he goes first, his family knows the money he has saved on his burial adds to what would have been paid for Evelyn’s. This is so SHE WILL have the best there is when she passes, she deserves it, he said.

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PS: Little known facts about the USA
                                Thanks.. Tony D.
In 1893, an amendment was proposed to rename the country to the "United States of Earth."

1953 Desoto 


Mevely317 said...

Like Sean(of-the-South), your ending left me with salt water on my cheeks! Wow, but y'all are rich where it counts ... in friends.

PS - BTW, I'm partial to Evelyn, on account it's my momma's name ... my own middle name.

Chatty Crone said...

You have some wild stories here. Is it true his toe and finger - that they just fell off and healed?

You do know a lot of unique things Jack.

Lisa said...

Boy I tell ya. There are some good stories out there if you just take time to listen. I love hearing them.
AL was tuff! He is also like a star fish.

Just Wow

Paula said...

Interesting stories as always. My funeral is paid for but I've decided I don't want one so I told my daughters to ask the cemetery to trade my funeral for a shade tree.


what a lovely idea to have your casket made like that. a beautiful way to take part of home with you when you go.

Dar said...

Your friend Tom gave us a great idea....now to find the right trees. Preferably tho, I'd rather be buried by the ' right ' tree with plenty of shade, just in case I go south.
love n' hugs from up north where we should reach 43 today. We'll take it. It's a glorious sunny day!

Rick Watson said...

United States of the Earth is not a bad name :)

Rain said...

Oh my gosh lol...the finger and toes in a little plastic bag...that is too much, what a character!!! Haha....Happy Valentine's Day to you and Sherry!!!xxx