Thursday, April 12, 2018

A good day & evening

Historical Picture:
The Yawger Family in the Adirondacks in the 1930s

Life is good. I finished cleaning gutters today.  Also got the sewer system actually washed and cleaned out it is now ready for the motor.  The reason we have a sewer pump is the area where the coach is parked is below the level of the city sewer system, so we must pump the effluent (I think that is a nice word for poop, lol ) up about 11 feet for it to drain with the condo sewerage.

Oh, the gutters.  Have you ever had to do a job, and run into an altogether different problem?  Fortunately even at 79 I can still walk a roof with a pitch less than 8/12.  So I walked the roof to get to some gutters. In the process I noticed one of the condo’s had a very badly deteriorated vent cover. Actually it had a hole over 2” in it. I immediately walked over the roof to the other condo and sure enough the same. I was so glad I cleaned the gutters..

I replaced both vents with metal ones. The others were black plastic, they lasted 22 years but metal would have still been good.  If I were ever to build again, there would be no plastic vents. 22 years is good, way passed a warranty, but 50 years plus, would be better.

Anyway the highlight of the evening was Jack Jr. dropped by. Then another plus Corrine (former daughter in law and still my girlfriend) and her mother dropped by to visit. They are both sweet ladies, they are still part of the family.

There was one ‘bad’. We left the phones inside so we missed a text from Matt & Kerstin. They wanted to bring Maverick over for a visit. Dadgummit we missed it.

Nite Shipslog
1961 Corvair rampside
1961 Corvair Monza dropside


Chatty Crone said...

How in the world would one know to put a motor on a unit to pump it up because you are below sea level? Yikes.

Lots of good things and I bet the kids will call you again!


not to worry... i'm sure maverick will be over for a visit soon.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's great that you found the vent problem before it made for bigger problems. It seems like an unexpected gift to me. You are blessed to do your own repair work there. Not many of us could do that. I hope you answered that text message and got another date set for their visit.

Dar said...

Yep, you're one busy man, and agile as a cat. I've had that too~~~where one project leads to another. Glad you vents are good for 50 yrs. My guy would agree with your thinking. ~~~ you can bet that Maverick will be around soon to see his great grandparents. Such a joy that'll be. Now, how about those Rampsides......just what this gal needs.
love, hugs n'smiles from up north, the land of constant changes in our weather

Glenda said...

Smiles here, happy to know you got that gutter cleaning out of the way and some "welcome home" visits as wwll...enjoy!

Lisa said...

I couldnt get into your post because I was swooning too much over the little Camper in the top photo! I would love one of those.
You be careful walking on roofs!!

still looking at the photo.....

Mevely317 said...

Great job(s), Jack! I know fellas half your age who I wouldn't trust atop a roof.

Hopefully by the time you're reading this, you and Sherry have indulged in some great cuddle-time with Maverick. I can't wait to see pictures!