Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Short, sweet and smelly

Historical Photo:

Gold's Curio Store Sante Fe , New Mexico 1890's

The three tomato plants are nestled next to Shirl’s condo. Very little damage and looks like they will make it.

I also cleaned about 20% of the gutters on the Condos, and found two cracked vent covers on the roof. I sorta like a no-brainer, ‘mainly labor’ job.
 I also finished setting up the coach which still has the blown out tire. I am hoping the maintenance man can get in back to change it, but that is back burner because we lost a sewer pump over the last year and I just had the pleasure of starting the repairs.
Today I remembered what it is like digging in NC red clay. I dug up and cleaned out a sewer pump tank (by hand) LOL.
I had to remove the blown motor to find an ID to order a replacement. But life is good. The smell is gone the motor is ordered. 
 Now Imma gonna play a game of dominoes with my girl.
Nite Shipslog

 1940 Ford Wrecker


Chatty Crone said...

You are busy - so what plot of land or what house did you park at? Whose house are you at? Glad your tomato plants are okay. We have red Georgia clay too. How long are you going to be parked? Dominoes are fun - have a good time. sandie

Paula said...

You don't let a little work put a damper on your fun, do you? Hi to Sherry.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Who knew that sewers had pumps? not me for sure. Glad the smell is gone and the pump ordered. Cleaning leaves out is not an easy job either. Hard labor days for you indeed. Take care and rest a bit. Don't over do !

Glenda said...

What if you tell all the able bodied grands that Sherry is making spaghetti for whomever comes to help with the "things to do" on your list??? Would that bring 'em or would you need to churn a bucket of ice cream for dessert?
Am thinking that if Mark is anywhere close he'll sign on ~ that guy will work hard for Mom's Spaghetti.
Slow down, smell the roses, read a Louie Louie.

Lisa said...

I just hope that when I get your age, I have half the energy you do. Your life is so eventful. Glad your getting things fixed. I love how you and Sherry still take time out to enjoy time together.
Gotta love the Red clay.

Mevely317 said...

What a fetching blog title, Jack! My word, I hope this 'morning-after' you're not discovering new aches and pains!
I've never played dominoes, but now I've a nice visual of you two enjoying moments that count most!

Dar said...

My imagination is going wild with that first photo of Gold's Curio I'd love to take a look inside.
Sooo happy your tomatoes made it. I know they make one of your favorite sandwiches. yum! Hugs to your sister Shirl too. Through your stories I feel I know your family. You've been a busy man. Nice to take time for dominoes. We used to play with my Dad. I miss that.
love the Wrecker.......and you guys from here to there. Our expected BIG ONE is due so we are once again perpared to hunker down.


you sure know how to get a job done. don't exert yourself too much. hope that tire gets fixed soon.