Sunday, April 15, 2018

Breaking news and Maverick

Breaking news eventful day:
That is not an egg! That is what we got today during a tornado warning when we had gone into Shirl's basement. EGG size hail! I have heard of hail that size, just never saw it before. (still wondering about the top of the coach!)

Then Maverick's visit to the motor home.
 Grandma talking to the Mav.

 Below Shirl, Maverick and me with Grandma patty caking!
Matthew, Kiersten and the Maverick.

Historical Photo:
 Photo of the priest praying for the first victims of the Titanic disaster.

 Now, home,  North CArolina.
I have lived in Gastonia, Shelby, High Shoals, Burlington, Albemarle, Valdese, Charlotte, Mt. Holly and Belmont, North Carolina. Many of my friends have lived in one town and are very happy.
I must admit at times I envy my girl who grew up with the same kids from before first grade until graduating HS. She has emotional ties with the residents here. She has already visited two classmates who are in the hospital, since we have been home. Monday morning we will go to Hardee’s where she will talk to folks she has known all her life. Many times she forgets I do not have that history. She will then call Evelyn, who is still in Florida and tell her the latest on the class of ’56. They can chat for an hour.

She considers it a joy to see Evelyn for a few weeks in the winter when we stay at the same RV Park. I get to talk to Don (Evelyn’s hubby) who graduated Class of 55. Sherry of course knows Don and many of his class mates.

This has been a tough year. They have lost several of their class mates.  The graduating classes are shrinking.

Did you stick with the same kids thru school?

Nite Shipslog
North Carolina facts (since we are here)
  • 1585 - Sir Walter Raleigh (1554-1618) led expeditions to both North America and South America in order to found new settlements and find gold. Raleigh sends several shiploads of colonists to the east coast of North America
  • 1587 - John White ( 1540 - 1606 ) with 150 men, women, and children sent by Sir Walter Raleigh and found the City of Raleigh & establishes a second English colony at Roanoke and becomes Governor
  • 1587 - August 18 - Elinor White Dare gave birth to a daughter, Virginia Dare, the first child born of English parents in the New World
  • 1587 - August 22 - John White returns to England for more supplies leaving the thriving colony. Seven assistants are left in charge with strict instructions that if the colonists should decide to leave the fort, they would carve their destination on a tree and add a Maltese cross if they had to leave because of attack
  • 1590 - August 15 John White arrives back to Roanoke to find that the settlers have all disappeared. The word "CROATOAN" is found carved into a tree without any crosses or signs of distress. The fate of "The Lost Colony" remains a mystery



that is one big hailstone. i can only imagine what it sounded like pounding on the roof. maverick is one cute baby. everybody looks like they're having fun.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Stormy days seem to be the topic for the weekend. Here we had torrential rains that closed many roads and did a lot of damage. Here everything is ok but my yard resembled a lake there for awhile. This morning only huge puddles remain. The pictures of you all with Maverick surely did make me smile. What a joy he is ! Thankfully, I've only seen golf ball size size hail. And it did a lot of damage, I can only imagine what egg size would do. Lots of people experience roof damage on their homes and cars due to hail. Hope you have none of that there.

Dar said...

My bet you have some pretty good sized pings in your coach roof. Back around 2005-6, we had one of those storms with hail so large that two of them fit in a man's hand. There was a 4th July party going on at the farm with the hail damaging 30 vehicles in the yard. The ground looked as if it had snowed hard.
Our brand new pick-up had 40some deep dings and many more on the sides.
I schooled with the same kids for 12 years and have only missed a couple reunions. Like myself, a lot of us still live here so we see each other at times. It's our 50th this summer. Baby 'Mav' has a beautiful 4 generation family. What a contagious smile. I love how he's studying Great Grandma. Precious!
love n' hugs from up north WI where we are plowing and shoveling out from under a foot to two from the blizzard conditions this weekend.

Mevely317 said...

That hailstone is amazing! 'Sure hope there was no significant damage to the coach!
What a comfort, having a basement in which to retreat. Night before last we were under a severe weather/tornado alert that had me on edge. Tho' nothing came of it, the next morning Tom was incredulous when he spotted the daybed mattress leaning against the wall. "What on earth?!" Fearing we might have to take refuge in the middle bathroom's tub, I remembered my son and DIL doing the same thing ... using a mattress to cover themselves and baby Sarah. (The twister took out their fencing and storage shed but missed the house.)

Maverick is a doll ... but better yet, the expression on YOUR face!

Lisa said...

Sadly no I did not keep in touch with high school friends. I have a few on FB but we never really chat or meet up.
I'm glad we dodged the hail storm. We got lots of wind though. I got the warning on my phone which only led us to the window to watch.
Hope you do not have any damamge to motor home.
and Mavrick is a cutie pie.

Chatty Crone said...

What an interesting photo about the Titanic.
Beautiful family and Maverick is adorable.
Speaking of eggs I saw some being recalled in you area!
Love, sandie

Paula said...

Yes I did go to school with many of my classmates all twelve years. A few of them still love in my home town.