Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Insurance and responsibilities

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Hello, we are in North Carolina. We are fortunate to own some property here and along with property ownership comes the responsibilities of up keep.  So I am a little overwhelmed with what is needed this year. 

I cannot do justice to states that we have visited. So I am switching gears, again.

Short story about wills and insurance. My dad once went to see an attorney in this town, he opened with this. “I think I should have a will in case I die.”
Straight faced the attorney said to him, “Reverend I shouldn’t have to remind you, it is not ‘if I die,’ it is WHEN I DIE!
SO, back when I had a construction company I insured myself for enough to cover any outstanding jobs. ‘In case I died!’  LOL
When I closed business I asked my son if he wanted to continue the insurance payments on my life. He asked how much the coverage was. I said about 600k$. His retort, 'If it was a million I might.' 

So when I talked to the insurance man about dropping it, I asked “How much would the premiums be on a million$.” He informed me to be insured for a million dollars I would have to show a worth of 2 million. He said not just anyone can insure themselves for a Million$. He continued .........
 the temptation was too great. 

 He didn’t finish that. So I figured he meant some money hungry heir might want to rush the insured’s final day.
I never wanted an excess of coverage, but always thought that if you could pay the premiums you could get any coverage, but I learned you cannot.
That is my deep insight for tonight.  LOL
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Chatty Crone said...

So you are saying that an average person can't get insurance for a million dollars? I didn't know that either.

Good luck on getting things done.

Nice you are leaving money to your kids.



i didn't know this either. the things you learn reading blogs.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've never had much insurance at all. When my children were young, I kept more, but now they are all grown with children of their own to care for. Sorry to hear you are a bit overwhelmed there with your property responsibilities. Hoping they will be resolved in short order. I don't miss having that kind of responsibility at all now I'm a renter and loving it. But renting also has a cost.

Dar said...

A truer statement was never uttered about insurance, ownership and responsibilities. Sometimes it gets overwhelming doesn't it. We are going to have to play catch-up around here if we ever get out from underneath all our snow. We are due to get slammed deep again. I'm over it as we continue to shovel ourselves out. We no longer worry about the kids as far as our needs go when we die. We have a healthy will for them to fall back on to at least get us earth to earth again. For today tho, I must take care of myself. I'm having hearing issues.
love n' hugs from up north where we simply survive but with a grimacing smile.

Lisa said...

Well...for the record, you ARE worth a Million dollars but im sure Sherry would say your priceless.

sneaking in from the office,

Rain said...

So all of those film noirs from the 30's and 40's LIED TO ME!!! :) Thanks for that information, I also thought you could insure yourself for the amount you chose!

Glenda said...

Jack, Mom always said "Rome wasn't built in a day"....y'all are back home after an incredibly eventful drive. Maybe take it one day at a time --- if it doesn't have to be done RIGHT now, tackle it later, ijs. Hugs from Chobee.

Mevely317 said...

Overwhelmed, ya I SO understand what you're talking about. Tom and I have to keep reminding each other, there's no deadline. (Nevertheless .....)

That's pretty interesting about the insurance companies putting a cap on their coverage. 'Guess they're trying to keep one foot ahead of those with ill-intent. (I still had to chuckle at your dad's mention of a Will.)

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